5 Ways to Look Great in Mini Dresses

Resorting to mini dresses can be a sexy and stylish way to look feminine. With the popularity of the mini dress and the glut of options available to women, finding the right mini dress and wearing it with just the right accessories and shoes can be a complicated process. So, keep on reading for our 5 ways to look great in mini dresses.

  1. Opt for a flattering fit for your body shape.

A-line mini dress with sun hat

polka dots pink mini dress mini dress wiith moto jacket graphic print body con mini dress cute white dress with strappy sandals

Whether you’re a petite, tall, full-figured, or athletic, the mini dress offers a silhouette and style that can work perfectly with your body type. Remember, you don’t always have to go for skin tight mini dresses, especially if you have body issues to address with. If you got that perfect hourglass figure, feel free to go sexy in form-fitting and body con style of mini dresses. If you’re pear-shaped, opt for fun and flirty dresses that can exude a sense of élan, with full skirts, and charming touches. Instead of following trends, take advantage of a mini dress to explore the styles you’ll look best in. A-line mini dresses, flared mini dresses, and sheaths can also give you a very compelling appearance compared to a skin-tight mini dress.

  1. Go for a print or color that shows your personality.

abstract print mini dress with strappy sandals tropical print wrap mini dress pastel yellow lace dress with clutch bag black mini dress with jacket and metallic gold sneakers baroque print mini dress with metallic silver pumps

When going for a solid-colored or printed mini dress, always opt for one that shows your personality. Brightly colored dresses may work for playful and trendy personalities but not in a classic one. So, consider picking one out that comes in a less-flashy color or a small pattern that can work for you. A woman with a minimalist style is drawn to neutral shades while a woman with trendy fashion personality embraces novelty prints, abstract patterns and such on their street looks.

  1. Complete your looks with complementing accessories.

green dress with pink sandals red mini dress with classic pumps metallic bag and sandals with printed mini dress lug sole shoes with mini dress and cardigan lace dress with sporty sneakers

Understated jewelry and high-rise heels are all you need to look sexy. You may want to remember that mini dresses focus the attention on your legs, so if you want to keep it, avoid oversized jewelry that will only pull the eyes upward. With the focus on the legs, opt for heels to ensure that those legs are looking as long and lean as possible. Platform heels are an especially keen look to pair with a mini dress that can balance out the proportions in a woman’s overall appearance. While traditional high heels can work, some items like lug sole shoes, sneakers, strappy sandals, and mules can really add the necessary finishing touches to your mini dress.

  1. Balance your sexy looks with a blazer or jacket.

denim blazer with mini dress statement coat with white mini dress sequin mini dress with denim jacket mini dress with knee boots and cardigan military bomber jacket with mini dress

Given the short structure of mini dresses, plenty of skin is already on display on your legs, so don’t focus attention on the décolletage. Instead, balance your looks with a blazer or jacket, especially if you’re wearing backless, strapless, or low neckline. Pulling in a dramatic décolletage or even showing the arms can create an appearance that is overly sexy. However, remember that bare legs are the highlights of your dress, so it should be given as much care and attention as the rest of the outfit. Just experiment with different lengths to see which work best for you.

  1. Do feel confident wearing a mini dress.

purple mini dress with kimono blazer pleated white mini dress off shoulder mini dress with chunky sandals floral print mini dress with heels

A woman’s sense of self is always particularly evident when a mini dress is involved. So, you be confident as possible when wearing a mini dress. Some of the keys are paying special attention to the small details in the ensemble, as well as choosing the right style of dress. Take time to consider the impression you’re trying to give when wearing these short dresses and how it could affect your reputation. With our fashion tips, you can now have the boldness you need to make a mini dress look great on you.

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