5 Ways to Look Chic in Rain Boots

Rain boots, typically made from rubber, may not be the most fashionable boots you can wear, but they provide you enough warmth in the winter season. A great thing, rain boots are now a lot more fashionable than they used to be, and can look quite stylish when paired with chic outfits.

  1. Make your rain boots a complementing accessory for your outfit.

colorful scarf with snow boots and yellow coat

green rain boots with casual outfit plum rain boots with casual outfit red boots and bag with casual outfit yellow rain boots with neon blazer and striped dress

Whether you wish to go for a pair of bold-colored rain boots or simply pair it with the color of your other accessories, rain boots can still manage to look fashionable and chic. Repeating the colors of your snow boots as accents in other parts of your outfit is one way of pulling together the look. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, opt for a printed shawl that matches the color of your snow boots to wear the co-ord trend without looking overdone. If you’re a fan of wearing bright colors, then wear your rain boots intentionally like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did, wearing her neon yellow rain boots with her brightly colored blazer and dress. As long as you repeat the colors of the snow boots in other parts of the outfit, you’ll create a cohesive look.

  1. Opt for dressier pieces of your casual outfits.

denim shorts with plaid shirt and rubber boots jeans and coat with rain boots knitted dress with structured coat and rubber boots metalic top and jeans with rain boots purple button down shirt with casual shorts and boots rain boots with striped top and white jeans striped top with casual skirt and rain boots

When wearing your casual outfit with your snow boots, just opt for chic casual pieces to dress up your not-so-stylish boots. That means acid-washed skirts, distressed boyfriend jeans, graphic tops, and frayed jackets are out of the equation. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, a white pair of jeans that look dressier than a pair of boyfriend jeans, a striped top, and jacket can be great to look more polished in your casual style. Also, wearing chic tops like button-down shirt, knitted sweater, chiffon blouse, off shoulder top and such with your casual bottoms can be great to create a streamlined casual style.

  1. Wear your rain boots with sophisticated outfits.

black rain boots with lace dress floral coat with rain boots red band coat with rain boots striped dress with gray coat and snow boots tulle skirt with rain boots

You don’t have to wear bulky puffer coats and rain coats with your snow boots in order to look coordinated. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for a pair of black rain boots to wear with your chic band coat, striped dress, floral print coat, feminine skirt and such so the color will make your boots not so noticeable as your outfit makes up your overall look. Wearing your outfit monochromatically preferably in black, white, camel, and grey also keeps your outfit chic and elegant.

  1. Select those feminine colors for your rain boots for a girly look.

pastel blue boots with dress and coat pink rain boots with casual outfit purple rain boots with casual chic outfit rain boots with casual chic outfit red coat with red rain boots

Opting for bold shades of red, burgundy, royal blue, purple, as well as pastel shades of blue and pink, and such can be great to look feminine in your street looks. You may think of getting a pair of pink rain boots to spice up your casual outfit to inject a girly vibe despite of your not-so-feminine boots. If you’re seeking for a functional and stylish fix for rainy days in the office, you may stick to plum shades of boots that look more elegant and polished to be worn with your casual work outfit.

  1. Be unexpected on your street style by looking for statement-making rain boots.

translucent rain boots with green dress transparent rain booots with chic outfit printed boots with stripes and trench coat cobalt blue boots with eclectic outfiit chic rain boots with chic outfit

To make your outfit slightly dressier, opt for a more streamlined rain boots. Designers have made various alterations to the traditional rain boots made from rubber so you can wear them not only for a functional purpose but also for creating unexpected street looks. Transparent rain boots look a bit dressier and statement-making while keeping your feet dry from the rain. You may also go for plastic rain boots in eclectic designs and modern styles to look a bit stylish on your street looks without compromising its “rain-friendly” function. That way, your outfit will also look fashionably intentional, and you’ll feel more polished despite the ugly snow boots.

Indeed, rain boots are not only a fashion must-have for the wet season but also stylish accessories to keep you look chic and fashionable.

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