5 Ways to Get More Out Of Your Closet This Season

If you’re looking for a great outfit yet cringe at the sight of your closet, it may be time to fix it up for the new season. Considering that you use the closet every day, you want it to be in top shape. So, keep on reading for the 5 ways to get more out of your closet this season.

  1. Know what should stay and what should go in your closet.



If it’s the new season, it’s time to pack away those clothes that won’t serve you. The best path to a new and improved closet begins with starting fresh, so clear everything out so you can assess the bones of your closet. If you’re a fan of a layered look, you can make your lightweight clothes stay. Keep an eye for heavy coats, winter coats, leather jackets, and boots in the colder months and mesh dresses, chiffon outfits, breezy skirts and such in the warmer months.

  1. Organize your closet by function.

breezy-summer-mesh-dress graphic-print-bandeau-top-with-white-skirt denim-romper-with-comfy-flats

Depending on your lifestyle, you might want to separate your party outfits with your weekend outfits to make everything organized and neat. Think of organizing your denim rompers with tees and bandeau tops with pencil skirts like fashion blogger Nicole Warne did, making your style more polished and your morning dressing effortless.

  1. Create a good display of your closet.

eccentric-sunglasses-with-urban-outfit floral-headband-with-feminine-outfit

Arrange your wardrobe like a display by investing in jewelry organizers installing hooks, adding baskets, choosing a uniform style hanger in the same color, or even differentiating the heights of your shelves. Hanging items like belts, ties, or scarves on hooks will free up drawer space by turning walls into storage, while baskets are great for organizing loose items on your shelves. When everything you own is laid out in plain sight in an organized fashion, it will make choosing the perfect accessory easier. Remember, it’s important to have everything you own in view, or it’s possible you’ll forget you ever bought it. If you set it up as if you were styling a store, you’ll enjoy everyday shopping your own closet.

  1. Make your closet aesthetically pleasing by adding some colors.

orange-pants-with-tube-top pastel-blue-chambray-shirtdress

You spend a lot of time in your closet, so make it aesthetically pleasing. You may take advantage of your colorful accessories, bold colored pants, sequin tops, jeweled necklaces, neon dresses and such. This way, you’ll have more fun in dressing up while having a clear sight which trendy piece to wear with your timeless ensembles.

  1. Perfect your lighting.

breezy-beach-outfit-with-hat white-tank-top-with-culottes off-shoulder-summer-dress

The right lighting in a closet is a must. So, make sure it has a mixture of overhead ambient lighting and task lighting for any appropriate areas to make your dressing up more effortless. By heeding our tricks, it’ll be easier for you to get more out of your closet this season.

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