5 Ways to Dress Up Your Denims for the Holidays

Denims are one of the things that are almost always present in everybody’s closet, be it for simmer, spring, fall, or winter. They’re very easy to style which is why many have them on the top spot of their favorites and they’re really versatile too, pairing up really well with just about anything and everything you have in your closet, no matter what your personal style is. If you’re a fan of denims just as I am, check out these easy ways to dress up your denims for the holidays.

  1. Pair it up with lace – for an easy yet fun and flirty way to dress up your denim, pair it up with lace. This combo is a great one to sport for the holidays if you’re looking to build a look that’s casual, relaxed but also a little dressy. It’s perfect for a daytime party or even a festive holiday brunch get together with your family and / or friends.lace and denim skirt for holidays
    lace top and flare denim pants
  2. Wear it with something glitzy and glittery – for a more festive but still casual and relaxed look, pair up your denims with something glitzy and glittery. This is perhaps one of the easiest ways o give this all-year-rounder a more festive holiday twist. My favorite go-to pairing for this combi is a pair of jeans with a heavily sequined top because it easily goes from day to night without much effort but you can create your own preferred combo as well.sequined blazer and ripped jeans sequined skirt and denim top
  3. Add a touch of fur – fur never fails to give any look a more glamorous and sophisticated vibe. If you’re looking for a way to give your everyday denims a nice hint of luxe, wearing it with fur is definitely the way to go. This is the perfect pairing to go for if you’re attending an informal party and you want to pull off a look that’s both laidback and glam.fur coat and denim fur and double denim outfit
  4. Look rugged with leather and denim – leather and denim is the ultimate combo when you want a relaxed look with a good, rugged vibe. It’s not overly casual but it’s not too posh as well but is rather a perfectly balanced look that you can wear either everyday or to an informal holiday party with family and friends.leather and denim easy combo denim acid wash and studded leather skirt
  5. Wear it with your favorite Christmas sweater – ugly Christmas sweaters are on trend right now so if you have a few sitting at the back of your closet, go ahead and bust them out! If you don’t, though, you can always pick up your first from your favorite stores / brands.

christmas sweater and denim top layered christmas sweater


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