5 Ways to Dress Up and Still Be Comfortable

Some women might believe on the saying no pain no gain. But, just because you are dressing up doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. Remember, you don’t have to suffer to look good. So, keep on reading for our 5 ways to dress up while keeping you comfortable.

  1. Choose natural fibers over synthetic ones.

breezy black dress

loose top with denim shorts chic beach dress

Always choose natural, breathable fabrics, like cotton, bamboo, hemp, soy and such over skin-suffocating synthetics. Natural fibers breathe, which means your body heat won’t get trapped and turn you into a big sweaty mess. This way, you’ll look much more comfortable while being environment-friendly on your choice of style.

  1. Wear flats instead of high heels.

cute flats with chic outfit sneakers with urban outfit flat lace up shoes with edgy outfit

Flats can be just as sleek and sophisticated as heels. If you’re looking for a chic alternative to your strappy sandals, opt for close-toed flats and pointed toes over round toes for a more formal look, though you may go for quirky detailed flats to add some personality to your overall look. On the other hand, sneakers can make your urban outfit more effortless and cool.

  1. Opt for an outfit with a great fit so you won’t need a belt.

all white outfit with strappy sandals sexy top with leather skirt chic snake print jumpsuit with pumps

Choose a dress with a great fit that you feel comfortable in. A well-tailored garment will follow the line of your body without accentuating every bulge. Depending on your body type, you may go for high-waist skirts to accentuate your waist without wearing a belt, or a great fitting jumpsuit that looks feminine and chic. Balancing your proportions by wearing loose with tight yet comfortable will keep your style polished over sloppy-looking oversized silhouettes.

  1. Elevate your mood with a bold color or print.

animal print coat with casual outfit jewelled turquoise top chic top with breezy shorts

You don’t have to wear all- black to be dressed up. Bright colors and bold prints make people feel happier, and if you are happier, you are going to feel more comfortable. Like street style star Alexa Chung, you may simply opt for an animal print coat that can dress up your basic top and jeans. Or, spice up your neutral pieces by teaming them with a great color that looks great on your skin tone.

  1. Think of pocket-styled outfits to keep you hands-free while looking stylish.

shorts with trendy top and stilettos jeans with trench coat and button down shirt fall military dress with boots

There’s just something so comforting about having pockets as you can look comfortable while keeping your style fashionable. They give you something to do with your hands, and if you can limit yourself to bring your essentials like cash, identification card, or lipstick, you don’t even need a bag. Unfortunately, most formal dresses don’t come with pockets, so take advantage of military dresses, denim jeans, and casual shorts that you can wear on the weekends. By heeding these tricks, you’ll be able to dress up and still be comfortable in your everyday looks.

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