5 Ways To Deal With Stress

Stress Relievers!

Hey beauty queens!
I am in the middle of writing my final exams in school and as I was reading my bio notes, I thought it would be convenient to share some of my favourite stress relievers not only for studying but for anything – school, work, etc. When your head feels like it is going to explode, take a break and try some of these stress relievers!


stress reliever

  • Take a soothing bath with bath salts or a Lush  bath bomb. Baths are always an instant stress reliever for me. Lush has some great bath bombs, melts, and bubble bars that are so relaxing! Golden Slumbers bath bomb and Dreamtime bath melt are great unwinders from a stressful day of studying. Both have lavender and chamomile which are my favourite essentials oils for relaxing. Light some candles, apply a facial mask, and  let go of the stress.

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  • I love making myself a cup of peppermint tea when I’m stressed. Tea is relaxing as well as hydrating. It warms you up and takes away stress with just a sip! 

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  • Listen to music. Earlier today I blasted some Taylor Swift and the stress just blew away. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and when you need to relieve some stress, just hit play.

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  • Go for a walk outside; exercising is a great stress reliever. Your brain relaxes with a change in scenery and fresh air as well as energizes your body. 

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  • Maybe you might even want to read up on some of your favourite blogs! 😉
I hope this post helps you to relax and get through whatever stress! Let me know if you have any awesome stress relievers to share! Good luck to anyone who is in the midst of writing final exams or just starting! 
-ariel* xoxo