5 Ways to Avoid Fashion Wearing You

If you’re living in a fashion capital and the city is buzzing with designer style, you might be one of the fashion-forward women who have a great sense of style. Regardless of the fashion trends and runway looks where most of them are too impractical to land a place in your closet, keep on reading for the five ways to avoid fashion wearing you.

  1. Define your style.



Everything is easier with a goal and your wardrobe is no different. Before investing in fresh pieces for the new season, have a thoughtful version of what you’re currently wearing and decide if you like it or not. Are you conservative, casual, dressy, edgy, or even punk? Just be practical and master a look that works for your body type and lifestyle. You may even get some inspirations from fashion bloggers on their looks that appeal to you and aren’t too far a reach for your budget and body type. You may also think about having one signature item that you can wear anytime.

  1. Dress for your city.

breezy-off-shoulder-dress bandeau-top-with-chic-pants-and-blazerfloral-print-top-with-denim-shorts-and-lace-up-gladiators

Before going avant-garde or too sexy on your street style, think of your landscape first. You have to dress for your city as some fashion capitals are common seeing women in bralettes and sheer tops while some are more conservative. You don’t need to be extravagant to just stand out in a conservative city but the same look might play well in a fashion forward city.

  1. Go for a closet cleaning.

pastel-blue-blazer-with-pants-and-bralette mesh-dress-with-floral-headband

Before going shopping, go for a closet cleaning first and figure out what works best for your body type and personality. A good rule of thumb according to fashion stylist Melissa Foss is, “If you didn’t wear it in the last season it probably won’t get worn this winter either.” Some classic looks never go out of style so stock up on great basics.

  1. Be consistent with your signature look.

bandeau-top-with-leather-jacket-and-checkered-skirt sexy-black-leather-swimwear metallic-silver-swimwear

Once you have defined your look, be consistent with it. People are most comfortable when they know what to expect. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, if you usually wear a leather jacket and edgy boots, it would be alarming for some to see you in floral print dresses and maxi skirts. Like her, you may think of being consistent with your style even on the beach, wearing leather swimwear or metallic silver one that looks edgy yet glamorous. So, create an expectation about yourself and fulfill it every time.

  1. Shop smartly and efficiently.

metallic-bandeau-top-with-blazer bandeau-top-with-beach-maxi-skirt

Unless fashion is your passion, make it easy for yourself with multiples. If you feel confident in shift dresses and pumps, buy a dress in every color and make that your look. Remember, the neutral color of shoes can work with any of your outfits. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look stylish without being slave to fashion.

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