5 Warm Fashion Tips for Cold Weather

Maintaining your personal style in very cold temperatures may be challenging as it’s just easy to pile on bulky layers that will keep you get through the weather. If you live in the colder parts of the country and wish to stay warm and fashionable, keep on reading for our tips.

  1. Have a base layer.



Keeping your core warm will ensure you stay comfortable when the temps drop. Thin layers close to the body will do a remarkably good job without adding too much bulk to your outfit. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may still wear your favorite gingham shirt as long as you wear it with a puffer vest and a heavy coat to keep you warm. Also, a silk or heat-keeping fitted tank can be worn to keep you chic and warm.

  1. Opt for stylish and functional accessories.

color-blocked-scarf-with-winter-outfit winter-coat-with-earcuffs cute-beanie-with-chic-coat-and-black-dress

When it comes to accessorizing in the winter, choose pieces that have fashion as well as function. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, think of color blocked scarves are toasty without being bulky. You may even loop it around your neck for a pop of color to your outfit, or style it like a shawl with a dress. Adding a hat when it’s cold can really do much for increasing comfort, and a cashmere beanie is in style right now so, find a color that appeals to you. Gloves are a must-have whether it’s a pair of leather gloves or cashmere ones that can be warm and wind repellent.

  1. Go for proper footwear.


When it comes to inclement weather, function always trumps fashion. A pair of warm boots that provide traction on slick sidewalks is a must-have for cold weather. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may opt for a pair of rain boots for your commute and switch to a pair of black pumps at the office. Like her, you may also go for skinny jeans and red coat that looks great with a pair of winter boots for ski lodge style. Also, tall leather boots are great when it’s cold but there’s no snow or ice that you can wear with a dress or skirt.

  1. Choose appropriate styles and fabrics on your outfits.

sweater-with-beanie-and-black-pants collared-shirt-with-avant-garde-top-and-metallic-skirtwhite-jeans-with-rainboots-and-striped-top-with-yellow-jacket

Remember, winter isn’t the time for miniskirts and crop tops, so opt for chic sweaters, leather trousers and such that can be appropriate for the cold weather. Also, think of wool pants that can be warmer than synthetics, but look for a pair with lining to stay itchy-free and wind repellant. Chunky knits are popular this season that can be easy to layer over a silk or knit tee.

  1. Finish your looks with a cold-weather coat.


If you commute in a city, ride public transportation in the snow, and walk longer distances, you’ll need a coat that will keep you warm. Though a quilted or puffer coat with a longer length is brilliant because it’s wind and water repellant, you can still look for chicer alternatives. Also, think of layering your outfits with your cold weather toppers like puffer vests, ponchos, pea coats and such which can be easy to slip on and off. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to stay warm and stylish in the colder months.