7 Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Having medium or midlength hair may be convenient most of the time but when the time comes and you have to put it up in an updo, you may feel regret washing over you. Uneven layers, hair sticking out and falling off from the updo, the whole updo being messed up way before the end of the day – these are just some of the most annoying things that can happen when you try to put midlength hair up in a fancy hairstyle. Thankfully, there are updos that work great for medium hair and if you’re curious to see what they are, check them out below.

        Messy half bun updo – the messy half updo may not seem very appealing to you on days when you need to drag yourself to work but on days when you’re just running errands and you want something quick and easy to get your hair off your face, this updo will prove to be the ultimate lifesaver. Plus, it’s the ultimate cool girl hairstyle that your favorite It Girls love so much.

half bun street style messy

half bun updo

        Twist and pin – this one looks complicated from afar but once you get started on doing it, you’ll realize how easy it is. Start off by gathering a section of hair as you would for a half ponytail. Twist the section in one direction and tease the ends for volume then pin it on and spritz a bit of hairspray for extra hold. Gather the next section of hair and repeat the process until you have pinned all your hair up and the result is a beautiful cluster of romantic swirls.

twist and pin

      Faux halo ponytail braid – the halo braid is perfect for long hair but in case your hair isn’t long enough yet, you can always hack it instead. Braiding from both sides instead of one long section to go around is a great way to get the halo braid look Finish it up with a ponytail to conceal the meeting point of both braids and you’re done.

faux halo pony braidfaux halo ponytail

      Twisty bun – you don’t need to have long locks to create cute and intricate updos and the twisty bun is here to prove just that. Separate your hair into two sections as you would for pigtails, create twist braids / rope braids for each section, entwine them and you’re good to go! It’s quick and easy and will surely keep your hair up and secure all day!

twist bun with a dressy vibetwisty bun

      French twist – you may think the French twist updo is best done on long hair but the truth is that medium hair is better because then it won’t bulk up too much when you tuck the hair into your twist. This is a great updo for medium hair if you want something a bit more posh and polished to go with dressier looks.

french twist fancy updofrench twist updo

      Flower bun braid – you don’t need to be an expert to create intricate-looking hairstyles. This flower bun braid is perfect for any girl who loves anything cute and girly. Create pigtails at the back of your head and start braiding each of them separately. Make sure to pull out on the braids as you go as these will serve as your flower’s petals. Once both sections are braided, start coiling one section in a bun and secure with a bobby pin. Wrap the other braided section around the first dun to create a bigger flower and secure with a bobby pin. Pull out some loose strands in front for additional boho vibes.

flower braid bun

Timeless chignon – this timeless hairstyle is a great hairstyle to wear on days when you feel like looking a bit more ladylike. Take two sections of hair from the front and leave the rest at the back. Braid these two sections and then roll up all the hair that’s left at the back, secure with a bobby pin and then wrap it with the braids from both sides for a chic and classy hairstyle. timeless chignon

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