5 Unique Fashion Trends to Covet this Spring

Are you tired of the usual, generic pieces that come with spring fashion? If you want to be a cut above the rest, then make sure to get your hands on these unique fashion trends for spring.

Apron Dresses

Spring fashion is usually about floral dresses. If you have had enough of these dainty prints, then go for one of the season’s unique fashion trends: the apron dress. Adored by many designers, the apron dress was the star of many fashion shows – from the catwalk of Bottega Venetta to the runway of Nina Ricci. Even with its unique design, it isn’t hard to wear these unique fashion trends. All it takes is minimal styling – and pure confidence, of course – to rock this one-of-a-kind frock.

white apron dress

apron dress apron dress outfit

Bird Details

Floral is indeed the trademark of spring style. However, this can be too boring for some. If you are determined to wear unique fashion trends this spring, then consider bird details. Seen on the runways of Gucci and Alexander McQueen, bird prints and designs have become one of the prettiest trends for the spring season.

bird pants bird dress bird top

Ruffled Shoulders

Ruffles are often seen in spring pieces. But if you are looking for unique fashion trends, you can deviate from the norm by dressing in items with ruffles on the shoulders. It’s a cut above the rest because of the unique positioning of the ruffles. Even Lanvin and Chanel admit to the power of the ruffled shoulders. With these unique fashion trends, you’ll look like a royal – whether it’s in the office or in the mall!

ruffled attire ruffled dress ruffled outfit

Long Tails

Want to look as if you’ve come from a photo shoot? You can achieve this by wearing clothes with long tails. The excess strands might look dowdy at first look – but when you walk through the sidewalk or the office hall with these – you will definitely look ethereal with the wind blowing through the long tails! If you want to create high-fashion drama wherever you go, then long tails are the perfect unique fashion trends for you.

long tail outfit long tail

Bold Brassieres

Brassieres are not just for support anymore. After all, these unique fashion trends – in bold colors and designs – truly command attention. If you want to create a style statement, then it’s a must that you own bold brassieres – and wear them on top of your blouses. Not only will a bold bra add spunk to your outfit – this will actually show the world that you can go against the usual and dress up in unique fashion trends.

bra over top bra outfit bra over dress

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