5 Unique Fashion Styling Tips to Try

Looking simple and classy is good, but you need to break out of the box every once in a while. Don’t be afraid to make a statement! Be the brave style soul that you are by trying these unique fashion styling tips.

Shirtdress as Vest

Layering is one of the fashion styling tips to remember this fall. If you have run out of all layering combinations for this season, you need not go out on a limb and buy new pieces (although you can always do this!) Just get your trusty old shirtdress, keep it open, and layer it over as a vest. This can help you achieve the style of a sleeveless vest – without buying one.

white shirtdress

plaid shirtdress as vest khaki shirtdress

Tie Your Jacket/Coat/Blazer/Whatever

As it has been said, layering stylishly is one of the key fashions styling tips for autumn. However, there might be times when it’s not too cold outside. The best remedy for this is to tie your jacket, coat, blazer or other topper around your waist. Not only will it give you a narrower, sexier waist, the tied-up cover-up can help you warm down during the chilly autumn nights.

tied denim jacket tied camo shirt tied plaid jacket

Bustier Over Top

Because of autumn’s cold weather, skin-baring items such as bustiers won’t work well alone. Although this is the case for autumn fashion styling tips, you can still wear this summer staple this fall! The key is layering it on top of another garment, such as a tee or sweater. A bustier can add the spice that your outfit strongly needs.

bustier over bloue bustier over shirt bustier and striped shirt

Mini Over Dress

A dress is a perfect piece, whatever the weather might be. But if you find your dress to be too ‘generic,’ you need not worry. What you need to do is follow these fashion styling tips for autumn. A quirky way to style your dress is to wear a mini skirt over it. Not only will it add some dimension, it can help you create an entire new look as well.

black skirt over dress skirt over dress

Cuff it Like a Pro

Cuffing jeans is an art form every girl must master. While the narrow cuffs or 1 inch cuffs are the best of fashion styling tips, there is no reason why you shouldn’t cuff your pants like a pro. You need not worry about measuring the edges and making sure that they are aligned. Sometimes, it’s all about winging it. Cuff it in one wave for a look that’s stylishly unique.

cuffed pants cuffed striped pants cuffed jeans

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