5 Unexpected Ways to Up Your Summer Makeup Game

If you’re a makeup junkie who can’t leave the house without the least bit of makeup on, you know how tricky it is to pull off your usual full face during the warm, humid days of summer. During summer, makeup tends to melt faster and move around a lot more because of the oil and sweat that we produce so looking fresh from morning to evening is a real challenge. Here are some unexpected ways to up your summer makeup game.

  1. Wear a lighter base – foundation can be a tad too heavy for a hot summer day so instead of wearing your usual foundation base, try something lighter like BB cream, CC cream, or even tinted moisturizer. If you’re on a budget, you can mix a little bit of your regular foundation with some moisturizer to thin it down a bit and also give you more of that radiant glow.light makeup for the office
    summer flushed makeup look
  2. Take blotting to a whole new level – for gals with oily skin, blotting paper is must and if blotting paper is something you can’t live without, I suggest giving liquid blotting paper a try! This innovative new product takes blotting to a whole new level by preventing shine even before it happens! Check it out hererosegold lids summer makeup gigi hadid natural makeup look
  3. Intensify your glow – summer is all about looking dewy, radiant and glowing so why not step up and go for a more intense glow to really get that summer feel going, huh? For a more intense glow, use a damp sponge when applying highlighter. You can dampen your makeup brushes, too, to give your eyeshadows that metallic, foiled look.rosie huntington whiteley summer makeup light but stunning makeup
  4. Budge-proof brows – for brows that won’t budge, use either brow pomade or tinted brow mascara instead of plain brow pencils. These products are meant to fill in brows and give them a natural look while also keeping them in place.glowing makeup look bold brows and lips
  5. Subtle pop of color – natural makeup is where it’s at this summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a subtle pop of color, especially to your eyes, to liven up your look and make it more fun. For a slight hint of color, you can try wearing colored mascara instead of the regular black. This will give your eyes a unique look that’s just right and not over the top colorful.green mascara for summer purple mascara

What are your favorite ways to step up your makeup game for the summer? Let us know so we can try it out too!



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