5 Unexpected Things to Wear with Your Wedding Dress

Gone are the days when every bride longed for that classic, traditional look. Today, brides are becoming bolder with their bridal dress choices. They’re always looking for ones that are more contemporary, more edgy, and more trendy while still keeping that romantic vibe alive. If you’re a bride in the making and you’re looking for ways to spice up your bridal look, then check out these unexpected things that you can wear with your wedding dress.

  1. A leather jacket – if you’ve always been the gal to give off that tough, badass chick vibe, then a leather jacket is the perfect piece to top off your wedding dress with, especially this winter. The edginess of a good leather jacket combined with the girly and romantic feel of a wedding dress is all that you need to look fierce and fabulous on your big day.leather jacket bridal look
    leather jacket bride
  2. Cowboy boots – you know what they say: “you can take the girl out of the country, but you can never take country out of the girl.” For all the country girls out there who are getting married in the big city and are looking for ways to have a little bit of home with them on D-day, why not swap your bridal heels for a pair of cowboy boots?country bride with cowboy boots country bridal look
  3. A statement necklace – almost every bride that I’ve seen has chosen to wear something dainty and delicate for their jewelry on their wedding day, so if you’re looking for a more updated way to spruce up your bridal look, I would suggest going big and bold with a statement necklace. You can always keep it classy with layers and layers of pearls or go for something a bit more trendy like studs or stones.dainty belt diamonds statement necklace for brides
  4. A dainty belt – not the one to go for big and bold pieces but still want to jazz up your wedding look? That’s alright, there are plenty of other accessories that you can add to your dress to make it pop. A belt, for example, is a great way to draw attention to your curves and make your wedding dress look even more flattering on you. Brides would usually go for a dainty, diamond encrusted one though a thick and shiny gold band does the trick just as well.daint bridal belt dainty belt diamonds
  5. Sneakers – this one isn’t entirely new, but it still makes grooms smile when they see their brides wearing sneakers underneath that wedding dress on their wedding day. Aside from injecting a fun twist to your look, doing this can also help keep you comfortable all day long.cool sneakers and wedding dress cool his and hers converse shoes wedding


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