5 Turtleneck Outfit Ideas for Fall

The air is getting nippier and nippier by the minute! With the –ber months upon us, the colder weather is forcing some to revert to their trademark turtleneck tops. While these items look good on their own, it would be best if you style them trendily for the autumn season. Create more unique looks with these turtleneck outfit ideas that you ought to try out:

Turtleneck + Sleeveless Vest

Leave it to model Kendall Jenner to create unique turtleneck outfit ideas for fall. Instead of the usual long-sleeved coats and blazers, the seasoned runway model fabricated a unique sense of style by layering her turtleneck with a sleeveless vest. This is a particularly smart outfit idea in case the fall weather in your town is not that cold.

kendall jenner turtleneck outfit

turtleneck and vest

Turtleneck + Poncho

Autumn is all about layering, that’s why most turtleneck outfit ideas involve the use of two or more toppers. For this styling tip, the key is layering your turtleneck with a poncho. Not only is this a stylish way of keeping warm, it also adds some dimension to your usual autumn attire. Even if you just wear these with jeans, the layering of these pieces can help you define a unique fall style.

turtleneck with poncho turtleneck and poncho

Turtleneck + Button Down

If the aforementioned turtleneck outfit ideas are too ‘heavy’ for you, you can always escape to the ‘lighter’ side by layering your turtleneck with a button down polo. Making the ends peek outside your turtleneck can help you maintain a classy, office-worthy look. Even when these are worn with boyfriend jeans, the mixing of the turtleneck and button-down polo can help you concoct a casually classic style.

pink turtleneck turtleneck and button down

Turtleneck + Evening Skirt

turtleneck outfit ideas involve layering. But if you want to look ultra fancy in this topper, then do wear it with an evening skirt. This sophisticated pairing is a timeless favorite, donned by many celebrities such as Brittany Snow and Nicole Ritchie.

brittany snow outfit turtleneck and evening skirt outfit

While a black turtleneck top is vital for this ensemble, you can go a step further and make use of printed or vibrantly-colored piece. Just make sure to tone down your bottoms for a look that’s not painfully in-your-face.

turtleneck and evening skirt

Turtleneck + Overalls

Want to evoke a youthful vibe? Then try the overall + turtleneck outfit ideas this fall.

turtleneck with overalls striped turtleneck outfit

You need not necessarily wear the jumper, as you can leave the attachments down, as shown below. Treat the outfit as if you are wearing your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.

turtleneck and overalls

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