5 Tricks to Make Your Style More Interesting with Mafalda Castro

Wearing the same outfit over and over again might sound dull and boring, so refreshing it a bit can add more life and interest to your existing style. Mind behind the Last Time Around blog, Mafalda Castro is the style blogger known for her cool street style featuring some of the major trends, basic staples, and statement accessories which make her looks more interesting. Whether you’re a minimalist or trendy kind of woman, keep on reading for her 5 tricks that will make your style more interesting.

  1. Start with a statement necklace.

bib necklace with off shoulder top and lace pants

tribal bib necklace with gypsy outfitstatement metallic bib necklace with black outfit

Whatever outfit you’re wearing, a statement necklace can spice up your outfit instantly making it look unique and creative. Like Mafalda, go for bib necklaces, or metallic ones that can be versatile enough to match any of your outfits compared to multicolored ones. Though statement shoes and bags can do the same trick for you, statement necklaces will look more casual and effortless, especially if you’re not a fan of carrying bags and wearing heels.

  1. Add interest with fabric contrast.

embellished blue dress sequin bomber jacket with skinny jeans fringed jacket with grunge boots and shirtdress

Adding some contrast by varying your fabric choices or going for touch-enticing ensembles will make your style more interesting. Like Mafalda, you may opt for a sequined dress and top it with a studded leather jacket or a black dress worn with a striped fur coat that will make your street style more creative. Also, think of alternatives that you can swap with your basic pieces like a bomber jacket and skirts in leather, sequin, or velvet versions that can add more dimensions to your looks.

  1. Be unexpectedly sexy on your street style.

bandeau top with denim romper lace up top with frayed shorts and vest cut out leggings with gray sweater

Looking sexy and feminine on your style may be a bit challenging, but you can decide how far you want your looks to go. Like Mafalda, you may opt for a lace-up top that will look summer-inspired with a pair of frayed shorts and vest, or a bandeau top worn with denim romper. Also, think of cut-out ensembles that will show a hint of your skin without looking scandalous on your street style.

  1. Be creative with your basic ensembles.

cape with fur skinny scarf and casual outfit navy dress with snake print boots

If your wardrobe consists of basics and neutral colored pieces, you can still add some interest to your style by being creative in small details just like playing with your outfit structures or adding some quirky twist to your outfit. Like Mafalda, keep the sleek and cohesive vibe by highlighting your waistline and balancing your silhouettes, especially when you’re wearing loose and oversized pieces. Going for a monochromatic dressing will still look creative as long as you know how to add some pop of color with your accessories or giving some proportions to your style.

  1. Incorporate some current trends on your looks.

boho dress with fedora hat brown dress with lace up gladiators2. sequined dress with studded leather jacketfringed skirt with cold shoulder toplace pants with graphic toplace pants with off shoulder top and statement necklace

A trendy style may be known for outlandish and exaggerated looks, but if you wish to keep your polished style, keep everything balanced. Like Mafalda, you may opt for a fringed skirt matched with a cold shoulder top, or an off-shoulder blouse paired with lace pants that look trendy yet chic. By following these style tricks from her, you’ll surely be able to create street looks that turn heads.

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