5 Tricks from the Stylists on How to Look Chic This Winter

Winter season is the most challenging times to look chic while keeping you warm. If you’re looking for style inspirations to spice up your everyday looks, keep on reading for the timeless tricks from the five celebrity stylists to look your best yet all season long.

  1. It’s all about layering.

fur scarf with winter outfit

layered winter outfit with camel coat

According to celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich, winter is all about layering. “If you’re wearing a blouse, layer a knit vest before putting on your leather bomber jacket or winter coat,” she says. When it comes to layering, fit matters especially if you’re petite. “If you’re on the shorter side, choose a more fitted sweater. If you have some height, the long shawl style is perfect,” she added. However, be wary of fads as the season changes, and everyone is in search of the new trendy sweater. So, whatever you choose, make sure it’s dictated by what works for you, not by fads.

  1. Opt for a pair of high-quality leather pants that can be dressed up.

black leather trousers with plaid scarf leather trousers with peplum top casual dress with leather trousers

According to celebrity stylists Nicole Chavez, you have to get a pair of leather pants that can serve you well. “Leather is a huge trend this fall, and I love the idea of combining sporty and chic,” she says. “Fit and quality are essential, so splurge on this investment piece. Look for a pair that is slightly cropped and narrow at the ankle with ample room through the thigh to create that downtown chic vibe,” she added. Like fashion blogger Jessica Stein, you can dress it up with a chic dress and leather jacket. “I love it paired with an embellished tank or sweatshirt for a more casual daytime look,” she says.

  1. A black cape can be a cozy and chic statement.

cowboy boots with black capeblack cape with casual outfit black cape with red trousers and leather gloves

Winter coats may be fun, but according to celebrity stylist Elizabeth Stewart, a black cape doubles your statement. Before shopping for capes, double-check the material as it should be a comfortable fabric. Though black is timeless, you can still consider a different hue. “The first step is a great coat, especially a red one as it breaks up the myriad of black outfits everyone has for winter. Try layering a long sweater under a short coat and the look is fantastic,” she says.

  1. Have a pair of classic knee-high boots made for walking.

hippie boho outfit with ankle bootsgray over the knee boots with leather jacket

A pair of classic knee-high boots is currently one of Miranda Almond’s favorites. “I love that they have a worn-in look already and are both wide in the leg for that slightly ‘70s feel,” she says. Finding the perfect heel height is important for all-day wear. When shopping for boots, pay attention to the heel as chunkier heels are better for knee-high boots. If high-heel boots aren’t your thing, look for a flat knee-high pair, instead. “Going a half size up allows room for wearing thicker socks over tights,” she added.

  1. Look fancy with feather or fur dresses.

fur dress with camel coat and leather gloves collared fur dress with structured bag

A great coat in black, gray, or camel will always make you look chic while staying warm, yet a fur dress can make your winter style look fancy. A feathered dress is always great for the holidays. When buying feathered anything, keep the color subdued, nothing outrageous, so you won’t hate the dress six months from now. The goal is to make the piece a classic that will last a lifetime,” says celebrity stylist Estee Stanley. “To style a fun and flirty feathered dress, make sure you keep it simple. The feathers are already accessories as is,” she added. By heeding these tricks from the stylist, you’ll be able to look chic and stay warm in the winter.

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