5 Trendy Pieces You Thought You Could Never Wear (But Totally Should)

Though trends must not dictate how you dress, there are trendy pieces that will look fashionable and flattering for you that you might want to give a try. When it comes to fashion, experimentation and trying things that might work for you will make your bolder and more stylish. So, keep on reading for the 5 trendy pieces you thought you could never wear but you should.

  1. Strapless Tops and Dresses

button down shirt with mustard tube and flared jeans

off shoulder top with jeans off shoulder peasant dress

If you have a large chest and flabby arms, you might think that all strapless tops and dresses won’t work for you. Instead of a traditional tube tops, try an off-shoulder dress or blouse that looks feminine and chic without drawing the attention on your flaws. You must have a supportive bra or strapless bodysuit that’s tight enough to offer you the support you need. If you have a tube top sitting on your closet, think of wearing them in a trendy way just like layering it with your button-down shirt that looks trendy and creative without drawing the attention on your flaws.

  1. Slouchy Leather Pants

leather joggers with black top structured coat with leather joggers leather joggers with canvas sneakers

If you think slouchy leather pants will make you look huge and sloppy, make sure they sit low your hips, rather than pulling them all the way up like you would with a pair of jeans or leggings. On the other hand, if you want to wear your slouchy leather pants higher on your hips or at your natural waist, have them fitted through your waist and across your butt, so only the legs are slouchy. Also, think of adding some structure with a boxy top or a structured blazer that will polish everything.

  1. Midi Skirts

midi accordion skirt with black tee slit midi skirt with turtleneck midi denim skirt with bell sleeved top

If you think midi skirts will only make you look shorter, make sure your midi skirt fits up at your natural waist, rather than low on your hips and avoid anything that poufs out from the waist. You may alter them so the hem will hit just below your knee, instead of at mid-calf or go for a slit style that will show off your legs while walking.

  1. Capri Pants

capri jeans with lace up top capri pants with leopard blazer capri pants with kimono

If you have short legs and big calves, and thinking that capri pants will only accentuate them, choose a length that ends somewhere between the bottom of your calf and your ankle, where your leg is slimmest. When wearing it with a pair of ankle boots to elongate your leg line, make sure that the silhouette is fitted and tapered without being skintight, especially at the leg opening. That way, it will skim over the widest part of your calf rather than clamping down around it.

  1. Maxi Dresses

striped maxi dress retro floral slit cut out maxi dress black maxi dress

If you think maxi dress will only make you look short and fat, the key is to look for a maxi dress with a sleeker silhouette that is fitted through your body. You may limit to clingy fabrics that hang straight down your body while wearing nude heels to look taller and leaner. Though a deep-V neckline will help elongate the silhouette of the dress, going for high slits will also show your legs, therefore making you look taller than you are. Indeed, in every trend, there’s a brilliant work to make those stylish pieces work for you. All you need is the creativity and confidence to pull them off.

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