5 Trendy Hawaiian-Inspired Pieces to Wear

If you wish to add some summer inspired look to your street style, you could never go wrong for Hawaiian-inspired pieces. With Hawaii’s tropical, warm weather, comfort is the key so think of fashion staples you might already have in your closet to channel that relaxed, island vibe. So, keep on scrolling for the 5 trendy Hawaiian-inspired pieces you can wear now.

  1. Chic Straw Hat

straw hat with chic romper

woven clutch with ethnic hat and breezy outfitmaxi dress with woven tote

Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are also daytime essentials to wear in Hawaii. So, trade your chic floppy hats and edgy fedoras with straw hats that channel some breezy and relaxed vibe. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, go for a white romper that looks breezy and feminine that will go perfectly with a native hat. The shade of the straw gives a great color combination with your summer whites so look dressy and chic effortlessly with a hat.

  1. Woven Straw Bag

woven tote bag with summer dress off shoulder summer dress with woven tote maxi dress with woven tote bag

Straw gives a vacation vibe to a smart, citified shoulder bag. Whether you’re heading to the market, to the office, or to the streets, a woven straw hat will definitely add some island vibe to your outfits. You might want to pick breezy summer dresses, maxi dresses, and sun dresses that will look perfect with your relaxed accessory.

  1. Tropical Print Dresses

tropical print dress with hat tropical print maxi dress

Whether you’re on the beach or on the resort, tropical print dresses are common in the island. If you wish to add some island vibe on your street style, think of tropical prints in bolder, more colorful, and bigger patterns that can make a Hawaiian statement effortlessly. Just finish your looks with a straw hat and a pair of nude heels to avoid overshadowing your prints though you may opt for brightly colored clutch in the shades of yellow, orange, and red to add some summer-inspired vibe to your outfits.

  1. Hawaiian-Print Jumpsuits and Matching Sets

floral red crop top and skirt tropical print blazer and shorts structured bag with tropical prin jumpsuit and abstract necklace

Though cottony tunics and Bermuda shorts are common in Hawaii, you may go for tropical print jumpsuits, rompers, and matching sets that look more effortless than a feminine dress. Just pick a Hawaiian, tropical, or floral prints that look great on you and let that design make the statement itself by keeping the rest of your outfit simple and muted. If you want to wear a statement necklace, make it intentional like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu did, as long as it won’t fight with your tropical prints.

  1. Chic White Top

white crop top with printed skirt tropical pants with cropped shirt floral maxi skirt with summer inspired top and woven belt

The dress code at most Hawaii restaurants is called resort wear that means casual skirts, dresses and slacks along with a casual blouse. A basic top, whether it’s a shirt or a crop top, that’s cotton-based, breathable, and moisture-wicking can be great to channel the breezy island vibe. You may want to leave your clothes with a high polyester and nylon content at home as they will tend to feel hot and scratchy on your skin. Instead, team your breezy white top with free-flowing maxi skirts or roomy pants with tropical prints to channel the Hawaiian vibe. This way, you’ll add some summer-inspired look on your street style even you’re not on an island vacation.

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