5 Totally Non-boring Ways to Wear Grey

Gray is a great neutral color to anchor down loud and bold pieces to. It’s also a nice alternative to your usual black and/or white outfits if you’re looking for something different but still neutral. However, gray is also often perceived to be a very dull, sad and lifeless color which is why many women go to all lengths to avoid wearing this color, especially on its own. The good news, though, is that you can actually wear grey, look good and make it look lively as long as you know what to wear it with and how to style it. Here are 5 totally non boring ways to wear grey.

  • PLAY WITH TEXTURES – texture play is a great way to make boring colors more interesting. You can create a monochromatic look using rather bland and boring colors like gray and make it look chic, stylish and sophisticated if you mix and match using different textures. Adding in various textures to a single look can really enhance it and make it look more lively.texture play with gray knit and leather
    texture play with gray
  • MIX AND MATCH PRINTS AND PATTERNS – another easy way to create a nice and lively outfit while wearing gray is to mix and match it with different print patterns. A cute gray and white polka dot pullover paired up with gray skinny jeans would make a really nice and cozy fall look. Feel free to pick out bolder and more unique prints to give the old boring gray color a new and unique personality.print and pattern in gray print mix with gray
  • WEAR DIFFERENT SHADES – there’s more than just 50 shades of gray; there are about a hundred in one that you can choose from and if you’re looking for a way to make gray more interesting, try wearing several different hues in one outfit to achieve a creative monochromatic look.monochromatic gray outfit with crop top and midi monochromatic gray outfit
  • PAIR IT UP WITH LIVELIER COLORS – now, if you’re not into the whole monochromatic thing, you can always opt for more color instead. And speaking of more color, that’s one more way to bring gray back to life. If you love soft and feminine looks, pair up gray with pastel colors. If you’re all about crazy, colorful outfits, go ahead and anchor down your go-to color combos to your gray piece.gray and bright orange gray and neon yellow
  • CHOOSE A TRENDY SILHOUETTE – since gray is already a basic and neutral color, wearing it on something just as basic and neutral like a tee or leggings can be a tad ordinary. Instead of doing this, why not wear gray on something a bit more on trend like capes, lace up boots/shoes, structured satchels and what not? This is an easy way to upgrade gray from being basic and boring to being something totally covetable.

gray crop top and pencil skirt trendy gray cape


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