5 Top Knot Variations You’ll Love

The last thing a busy woman wants to do when she is swamped with work and other things is her hair but just letting it hang down loose may not be the option as well, especially if you don’t like looking like a mess no matter how hectic your schedule is. The top knot is a great quick fix for days when you don’t have much time to do your hair but still want it out of your face and/or looking decent. Here are some top knot variations you’ll love.

  1. HALF UP TOP KNOT – the half up top knot is what inspired the man bun. This easy hairstyle is perfect for those who want something fun, quirky, quick and easy. If you have fine hair, make sure you tease your half ponytail before putting it up in a bun to make it fluffier and more voluminous.half up top knot fall winter hair look half up top knot
  2. BRAID WRAPPED TOP KNOT – the braid wrapped top knot is perfect if you want to dress up your regular bun just a little bit. Leave a section of hair out of your ponytail before balling it up into a bun. Once your bun is up, braid that section and wrap it around the bun to create a dressier top knot look.braid wrapped messy top knot braid wrapped bridal top knot
  3. BRAIDED – if you want more texture added to the plain ol’ top knot, there is one easy way to achieve that and that is by braiding your hair prior to putting it up in a bun. This is a good trick to utilize if you have fine hair as braiding will make it look chunkier and more voluminous. You can use any braid style you want with this top knot variation.braided top knot braided fishtail top knot
  4. MESSY – the messy bun has proven to be a busy girl’s best friend for a long time now and has become a favorite hairstyle on the go for anyone who barely has time on their hands to do their hair. There are two ways to achieve the messy bun. The first way is to do it the authentic way which is gathering your hair and coiling it up in a bun and then tying it with an elastic (no brushing required!) and the other one is to do your regular top knot the usual way and then pulling out some strands and loosening your bun a little to create a messier look.messy red carpet top knot messy top knot on curly hair
  5. SOCK BUN STYLE – if you want a neat overall look with your top knot, it’s best to turn to a tried and tested hair accessory: the sock bun. This tool allows you to create a neat and polished top knot easily and effortlessly and it helps make your top knot look fuller as well.

sock bun top knot sock bun style polished top knot

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