5 Tips to Organize Your Closet the Parisian Way

Parisians are masters of an effortlessly-chic style, as well as the closet clean-out. Whether you have a walking closet or a small one, you have to be very careful about what stays and what goes so you’ll keep that polished and streamlined style. So, keep on reading for the 5 tips to organize your closet the Parisian way.

  1. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t stay.



Proper fit is the key to achieving a polished style, and it all starts in your closet. If you’re still hoping to fit into your favorite clothes again, remember that keeping clothes that are too small will not make you lose weight. If you haven’t been to a tailor in the past year, it’s time to throw out your worn out jeans and sweaters with elbow holes. If you wish to make allowance on your clothing size, better opt for stretchy fabrics that will be forgiving when you lose or gain weight, as well as a dress with a more forgiving style over fitted ones.

  1. Treasure your basics.

distressed-denim-with-chic-outfit sweater-with-chic-shorts-and-cute-sunglasses pearl-necklace-with-chic-hat-and-casual-outfit

Basics got an important place in your closet. So, don’t make room for a trendy neon sundress by throwing out your white blouse. Fitted sweater, pleated skirt, skinny jeans, basic tee, lightweight coat and such are some of the timeless pieces that need care and maintenance to extend their life. Also, think of bringing them to the tailor once you’ve noticed unwanted flaws so you’ll always keep them in good condition.

  1. Opt for designer pieces that seldom go out of fashion.

leather-espadrilled-with-chambray-shirt-and-leather-trousers wide-leg-pants-with-chic-top-and-hat

Designer pieces just have that allure that makes them special and everlasting. Even if they seem extravagant or a bit trendy, give them a bit more time than their generic knock-offs. Designer pieces seldom go out of fashion, even when the trends they embody do. Like fashion blogger Caroline Louis, you may invest in a designer sling bag that can easily dress up your basic chambray shirt and leather trousers.

  1. Organize by season and family.

nautical-beach-outfit-with-hat shiny-top-with-black-outfit-and-chunky-boots sheer-lace-dress-with-sneakers-and-hat

A Parisian woman never digs onto her closet, so make your closet seem a bit more like a boutique than a thrift shop by organizing them by season and family. Put your winter sweaters with your winter clothes, your spring dresses with your “spring collection.” Summer swimsuits, summer dresses, and sheer clothes have their own place. Also, separate from “bohemian” items from “nautical” that will make your everyday dressing easy and effortless.

  1. Last year’s trends are for the trash.

leather-leggings-with-graphic-tee-and-lace-up-heels draped-nude-crop-top-with-cuffed-pants

If it was trendy last year, chances are it will look old and trashy this year. A Parisian woman will not spend too much money on her trendy pieces since she easily tosses them when new trends emerge. You’ll be done with neon tops next season, but a cashmere sweater is forever. If you wish to make your trendy items more versatile, go for a muted shade of a draped crop top over a flashy one and a lighter print on your shirt over novelty ones like fashion blogger Caroline Louis did. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to organize your closet the Parisian way.

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