5 Tips to Look Professional on Your Career

Career women go through a lot of hard working challenges in their professional life in order to be successful. One of them is having a great style that can give you confidence and make a good impression on clients, working colleagues, and employers. So, keep on reading for our tips for working women on how to look more professional while having a good fashion sense.

  1. Resort to fashionable yet work-appropriate outfits.

pastel coat with creative office outfit

striped top with flared pants and camel coat striped blazer with black outfit

Depending on your office, you can wear suits, blazers, dresses, and even leather trousers that look stylish yet work-appropriate. Fashionable skirts that are professional looking like pencil skirts in a decent length are great. Like fashion blogger Mary Orton, you can get a trendy yet office-appropriate look by topping your all black outfit with a zebra-print blazer that looks classy.

  1. Opt for chic and expensive-looking jewelry.

striped dress with office blazer  white double breasted coat with classic pants

You don’t have to go for pricey jewelry if you’re out of budget, but you have to skip avant-garde necklaces and chandelier earrings that won’t look professional at the workplace. Lightweight and small size rings with semi-precious stones on it will still look amazing. Small sized earrings, as well as dainty pendants on your necklace can be enough to add some classy vibe to your style.

  1. Look professional with a classic handbag and comfortable shoes.

belted shawl with office outfit givenchy designer bag with burberry scarf and winter coat white button down shirt with striped pencil skirt

The right size of bags according to one’s body type may vary as taller women should opt for bigger bags to make their silhouette look more proportioned while petite women will look better in smaller bags. Also, your shoes for work must make you feel comfortable and classy. Color of shoes should be according to your wardrobe, though black and nude are safer options. Save your sky-high stilettos on your night out and resort to a decent pair of heels that really make women more professional.

  1. Pay attention to your hairstyle and makeup.

black coat with cozy office outfit black midi dress with gray coat

Choosing an appropriate hairstyle for professional work and makeup is a bit tricky. As a rule of thumb, hairstyle should be according to the face shape while a light makeup that resembles your natural looks can give you a more professional look. Save your cat’s eye liners, bold red lips, and smoky eyes for night outs. However, outdated or old hairstyle must be changed to adopt the current fashion. This way, you’ll make someone to impressed, especially when you’re dealing with clients.

  1. Always go for a polished and streamlined look.

wool camel coat with office outfit and classic pumps classic coat with black office pants

Taking care of yourself no matter what your profession is essential to look attractive and professional. A good grooming makes you more attractive in the eyes of your employers, other co-workers as well makes last longing impressions on industry clients. Like fashion blogger Sara Donaldson, looking polished may simply mean wearing a classic coat with your black trousers. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to look professional while looking stylish in your workplace.

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