5 Tips to Get the Best Fit for Every Outfit

Every wondered why, sometimes, no matter how hard you try you still can’t get your outfit to look like that of your favorite fashion icon? You’ve bought every single item on the look book, paired up the pieces the way she paired up hers yet, there’s still something missing to give your look that final oomph. Let me let you in a secret: your favortie fashionista’s outfits? They’re tailored for her, That’s why it looks like the whole look was made especially for her. The good news here is that getting your outfit to fit you like a glove is easy and inexpensive. Here are some tips on how to get the best fit for every outfit.

  1. Have your clothes altered as needed – this is the best and easiest way to make sure your clothes fit you like a glove. Having everything altered by a pro to hug your figure in all the right ways is a small move that can make such a big difference in your looks. However, it’s not exactly the most cost-effective way to get the best fit.sophisticated outfit
    sophisticated and chic preppy look
  2. Knot a shirt that’s too big – if your shirt is too loose or too big and you want a more form-fitted look, you can turn that loose shirt into some kind of crop top by knotting it in front or at the back. Shirts ties up this way are best worn with high waisted bottoms but anything else works fine, too.knotted tshirt and skirt kendall jenner knotted statement shirt stylerunner
  3. Wear a belt – belts may be small but they do big wonders for items that need some adjusting. Pants that are too big, dresses that are too wide, blouses that are too plain — these are just some of the things that you can fix and style with a belt. Aside from making your clothes fit better on you, belts are also great for breaking the monotonybelt with a midi skirt and crop top belt with jeans
  4. Cuff jeans and roll sleeves – another way to DIY remedy a “too big” or “too long” situation is to simply roll or cuff those pieces to fit you perfectly. Sometimes, you’ll find jeans that are ever so perfect on you except for its length and there will also be shirts that will fit you like a glove but have sleeves that are too long. Rolling and cuffing these can make them look better on you plus it can add that fashionista vibe on your whole look really easily.cuffed rolled jeans rolled sleeve shirt and suede skirt
  5. Wear heels – yes, sometimes, all it takes to make something look like it fits you better is to wear heels with it, especially if we’re talking about pants. If you have pants that are too long, just wear heels with them. Doing this also gives your bum a nice lift, making your pants hug them better.heels and pants outfit heels and jeans



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