5 Tips to a Successful Closet Purge

Throwing away the items you spent hard-earned cash on is no easy task. However, if you wish to make you style fresh and coordinated, you must start with your closet. “Pretend your closet is about to catch fire. What would you save?” says Jennifer Baumgartner, a psychologist and wardrobe consultant. “You’ll make better decisions if you go with your gut and don’t get sucked into the paralysis of analysis,” she added. So, to get started, keep on reading for the 5 tips that will help you to refresh your closet.

  1. Keep the items that serve you.

chambray dress with hat

street chic outfit statement necklace with casual outfit slit dress with jacket and hat metallic pants with blue blouse and orange clutch

You can get a stylish and functional style, depending on the items on your closet. To eliminate the majority of wardrobe clutter, consider the questions you must ask yourself suggested by stylist Brittany Witkin of “Closet Organization”. Does it make you feel good? Do you get compliments when you wear it? Or do you end up tugging at yourself uncomfortably? Also, think of your items if it’s high-maintenance that requires you hand washing or dry cleaning to keep the article on the hanger, especially if it’s a casual staple. However, this tip may not apply to formal wear.

  1. Resort to versatile pieces that coordinate with at least three other garments in your closet.

bomber jacker with leather trousers winter outfit with coat striped skirt with graphic sweater brocade pants with denim top and jacket pink jacket with printed pants

A streamlined wardrobe is like a symphony, with pieces that work together harmoniously in many combinations. Though the winter season may give you a chance to wear every piece in your closet to keep you warm, think also if it looks great when worn with your other pieces. “Instead of assigning clothing specific roles, try reimagining your closet as a boutique filled with fresh possibilities,” says New York City stylist Kim Naci.

  1. Think if you’re going to wear it again.

abstract print dress quirky print dress with colorful clutch printed dress with red pumps graphic shirtdress with ankle boots dragon print outfit

Too catchy dresses or novelty print ones will make them less versatile at the same time challenging to wear with other pieces. So, instead of peering into the common question of “Have you worn it in the last six months?”, think about the future if you would love them wear them again. If you’re a style blogger or fond of taking your outfit-of-the-day and posting it on the social media, a catchy outfit may be too noticeable compared to muted ones.

  1. Select the best version of your staple.

casual chic outfit tank top with accordion skirt pussy bow blouse with skirt floral print shoes with casual outfit checkered dress with fall boots

If you have a lot of basics sitting in your closet like a few jeans, button-down shirts, dresses, skirts, and tank tops, go for the best version and think of tossing the rest. Also, if the style is passé, the fit is unflattering, or the garment has seen better days like getting some stains, marks, or knee imprints, it’s time for an upgrade or a trip to the tailor.

  1. Let go some of your sentimental pieces.

vintage sweater with belt vintage denim dress with blouse fur coat with vintage dress culottes with chunky sweater breezy tea dress with lace up shoes

If you love your vintage pieces, think if you still wish to wear them on your street looks. If not, just limit them memorabilia box, not on your closet to save space for more wearable items. Another option for a memento that you can’t part with is to take a photo, then toss the piece. By following our tips, you’ll have a successful closet purge and fresh style.

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