5 Tips on What to Wear with the Color Mustard for Fall

Mustard is such an interesting color, it’s a shame not everyone wears it regularly. I must admit, I myself only have a few couple of mustard colored pieces in my wardrobe and while I do like how the color looks on me, I just don’t find myself gravitating towards this color all the time when I go shopping and I think that might be because I used to not know what to wear with mustard colored clothes. As I explored my options more, though, I came to realize that this color is actually pretty neutral. They go well with a lot of the colors you’ll find in my closet but there are certain hues that really make this color pop. If you, too, would like to broaden your color horizons, check out these tips on what to wear with the color mustard, especially this fall.

  1. BROWN – mustard and brown make a wonderful color combination for fall, especially if you’re looking for something neutral but not boring or dull. This is a very warm color combo that’s sure to take your neutral outfit to the next level. Go with dark chocolate brown if you want a darker look or with tan or beige if you want something lighter, say for a daytime look.brown and mustard outfit for warm fall weather
    brown skirt and mustard coat
  2. BURGUNDY – another warm color combo that you can create for fall is mustard mixed with burgundy. This color combo is great if you’re looking for something that’s traditionally fall-appropriate but don’t want to stick to the basic neutrals like black, white or brown. Mixing burgundy with brown is also a nice way to add a hint of color to your look.burgundy cardigan and mustard pullover burgundy skirt and mustard top
  3. BLACK – black and yellow is a combination that never fails and black and mustard is almost the exact same, except that mustard has more depth and warmth to it, making the color combination warmer and adding more of that fall vibe to it. This is the color combination to go for if you want a hint of edge to your fall look without doing anything too drastic.black skinny jeans and mustard sweater black crop top and mustard pants
  4. BLUE – are you the type who can’t stand the usual colors of fall that are dark with a rather gloomy vibe? If you don’t like pairing mustard with brown, black or even burgundy, why not try something brighter like blue? Electric blue works quite well with mustard but so does navy.blue dress and mustard scarf blue pants and mustard cardigan
  5. STRIPES – there’s something about wearing mustard and stripes together that gives off a very chic and stylish look and feel to any outfit. This combo has been proven to be a favorite among fashionistas and style stars and the best thing about it is that it’s really easy to pull off. Try it out and see how fab this look really is.

striped jacket and mustard jumpsuit striped shirt and mustard jacket

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