5 Tips on Wearing High Heels Comfortably

I’m sure most girls are familiar with the woes of wearing ultra high heels – just to end up wounded and limping the day after. Although we do this mistake time and time again, we just can’t stop ourselves from wearing our cute heels!

Even if heels almost always equate to uneasiness, there are ways that can help improve your comfort whilst wearing your sexy shoes. Just make sure to follow these tips on wearing high heels comfortably.

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Scotch Tape is your Best Friend

The scotch tape is not just a way to help you stick and seal things, it is part of your footwear arsenal as well. One of the tips on wearing high heels comfortably include the taping of your third and fourth toes together. This will relieve any undue pressure on the ball of your foot. Remember to use medical or clear tape to allow movement and wiggling as needed.

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Blowdry It

Do your new shoes pinch on your toes? Worry not as you can expand the ends simply by following these tips on wearing high heels comfortably. Wear your thick shoes and then wear your new shoes. Focus the hairblower on the ends (remember to wiggle your toes as you do so.) The heat and your wiggling will help stretch your shoes – so you can wear them comfortably.

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Sandpaper it

At first look, you might find tips on wearing high heels comfortably a little ‘weird.’ But as you read further you’ll see why it’s important to sandpaper it!

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Before going out in your new pair of heels, make sure to gently sandpaper your shoes’ soles. This will help create traction – so you won’t end up slipping in the middle of the dancefloor. Take care when sandpapering the soles, or else you will end up removing your Louboutin’s signature red soles.

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Spray it

Even if your feet don’t sweat as much, there’s a chance that they might! In the end, the sweat can lead to straps slipping off. Prevent this faux pas by spraying your feet with a deodorizer. Not only will it keep your feet dry, you don’t have to worry about untimely slippages along the way.

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Save your Tea Bags

Say you forgot to spray your foot before wearing your heels – chances are they will end up smelly at the end of the day. Although this is the case, you can save yourself from the embarrassment by following these tips on wearing high heels comfortably.

shoes with tea bags

Instead of throwing your used tea bags away, keep them and dry them. Afterwards, place one in each shoe and leave them for a day. At the end of the 24 hours, your shoes will smell as if nothing dastardly happened the day before.

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