5 Tips on Creating a Perfect Outfit in a Hurry

There are always instances from our lives when we wished we had just that extra time to look better. If you’re always in a hurry, you have to be prepared than being sorry as it should not stop us from looking good. So, keep on reading for the 5 tips on creating a perfect outfit in a hurry.

  1. Start dressing up from the bottom.

white lace dress with statement shoes

statement shoes with oversized outfit leather skirt with lace up shoes

One look at your shoes and you will be able to decide what color outfit you are going to wear. Classic pumps, heeled shoes, and sandals give a dressy touch to your ensemble when in hurry and don’t have time primping. If you wish to wear a pair of statement sandals with bows like fashion blogger Blair Eadie wore, think of going simple with your outfit, and team the color of your bag with the color of your footwear. If you have a pair of structured and architectural shoes, you may go for relaxed and oversized silhouettes on your outfit to keep everything balanced.

  1. Choose comfortable well fitting clothes.

boyfriend jeans with loose top turtleneck sweater dress with coat

In an effort to look trendy and stylish, choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. Comfort often helps you exude confidence in whatever outfit you wear. All the preparation done one night before will help you get ready faster in the mornings. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, you may go for denim jeans teamed with a chic top and heels that will make everything polished.

  1. Add color and accessories to your wardrobe.

black skinny jeans with floral blazer tank top with gold necklace and jeans

Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors too as they can make your neutral ensembles playful. They are a big help when you have to mix and match your style. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, you can make your casual chic outfit of skinny jeans, tank top, and kimono more glamorous with gold necklaces, making your style party ready.

  1. Select only one store to shop.

camel coat with classy outfit jeans with loose top and sneakers

If you wish to look for a perfect outfit by going shopping, go to a store that you know will give you better options. This way, you’ll reduce your shopping time and your trip becomes less overwhelming. Spending time and keep on changing your mind about different outfits in 10 stores will only increase your confusion and worst, it will not help in putting together a perfect outfit.

  1. Select classic styles and designs when shopping for clothes.

white jeans with lace up gladiator sandals skinny jeans with chic top gray coat with over the knee boots and hat

When you are trying clothes in a fitting room you should take multiple size of the selected garment in the fitting room. This saves lot of time in place of running back and forth.  Try picking up neutral shades, and select classic styles that you know will look great on you. Just mix and match the option you have got. By heeding our tricks, you’ll reach your destination in time and have a great style.

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