5 Tips for Transitioning Your Outfit from Day to Night

Whether you’re day going to a party, a date or somewhere else after a long day at the office, taking your outfit from day to night is probably one of the more challenging transitions you’ll have to make. Daytime outfits call for much more laidback outfits while nighttime ones require at least some kind of shimmer, shine or sparkle to it to make it stand out and look fab. If you always find yourself stuck in situations where you have to go from day to night and you don’t want to dive into the inconvenience of going home to change your outfit, check out these 5 tips for transitioning your outfit from day to night.

  1. WEAR BLACK – black is the best color to wear if you’re looking for something that can easily and effortlessly take your outfit from day to night. Black looks nice and posh during the day as well as at night. Give your outfit a brighter twist by adding pop of colors through your accessories or by adding layers and then simply take them off at night to keep the sleek, sophisticated look.black outfit day to night
    cute lbd for day to night
  2. OR NEUTRALS – if you’re not a fan of black, you can also try wearing other neutral colors like brown, navy or tan. Try to stick to the darker colors as they’re easier to pull off when going from day to night.neutral dark brown neutral navy outfit
  3. KEEP IT PLAIN – having prints on your outfit can make it difficult for you to switch from day to night in a jiffy because some prints have a strong daytime vibe to them. When going from day to night, try to keep your outfit as plain as possible. If you must wear prints, keep them minimal and subtle. Also, try to avoid anything cutesy or whimsical and stick to classic prints instead.black simple day to night look perfect pop of color
  4. WEAR FANCY HEELS – wearing your fanciest pair of heels can elevate any look, no matter how simple. If you don’t feel like doing much but still need to take your outfit from day to night, simply slip into a pair of fabulous heels and you should be ready to go.statement shoes lace up snakeskin statement shoes
  5. CHOOSE COMFORT – lastly, choose to wear something comfy. Going from day to night means sticking to one outfit throughout the day so you’ll want to be as comfy in it as possible so you can last the whole day. This means selecting your best-fitting pieces and not wearing anything too tight.

black and white day to night look day to night with a touch of pink


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