5 Tips for Surviving Sales Shopping

If your closet is full of clothes yet find every morning you’ve nothing to wear, maybe it’s time to have a reality check before going shopping again. If your relationship to shopping isn’t healthy, keep on reading for our 5 tips for surviving sales shopping that will also change the way you approach your fun habit.

  1. Create a list of investment pieces you truly need before heading to shops.


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Shopping list or list of investment pieces you truly need is great to create wise judgment when going shopping. This may take some time to create, but the time you spend creating the list will pay off in spades when you’re in the shopping center. Since you’re going to sales shopping, your list will serve as a map that will help you stay on track and avoid pitfalls.

  1. Keep your awareness turned to “high” as you shop.

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Shopping centers are deliberately designed to keep you in them for as long as possible. Whether the stores are designed, lighted, and air conditioned, it may be a deliberate strategy to have you lose your sense of time and direction when shopping. So, always keep your awareness turned to “high” as you shop, by tuning into your surroundings and noticing them. This way, you won’t be tricked by shopping centers to buy more and stay longer than you supposed to.

  1. Set yourself a timeframe by which you will be finished shopping, and heading out the door.

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Shopping can be a stimulating pastime. However, it can also lead to blow-outs in your budget and the feeling of time slipping through your fingers. So, shop consciously and reduce the consumption commotion on sales shopping. If you say it’s 2 hours, then after that time, do a quick review of your shopping list and see if you have done enough for today’s session, and start moving toward the exit.

  1. Don’t get distracted by sales and discounts on buying fashion pieces you don’t need.

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Keep your in your hand and go to only those fashion boutiques that you said you would. Don’t meander to other shops that will only temp you to buy sale items that you don’t really need. Remember, if you’re not willing to buy that piece on a full price, then it’s not a great deal getting for a discounted price.

  1. Be in a resourceful state.

pink-coat-with-paneled-shirt-and-jeans draped-white-outfit-wtith-lace-up-shoes bohemian-chic-outfit-with-edgy-boots

When going shopping, you must be feeling good, mentally conditioned, and physically fit. Do not go shopping when you are tired, hungry, upset, angry, or frustrated as it will only get worse once you are in the shopping mall and it will also cloud your judgment. Always make sure you are feeling well-rested, energetic, well fed and calm. By heeding these simple tricks, you’ll be able to survive sales shopping strategically.

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