5 Tips for Finding Your Personal Style

Having a personal style is not just important for a good first impression but also for approaching each day with confidence. You may have to experiment with different things before finding what style suits you the best. However, if you have fully-developed a unique personal style, you’ll find it easier to adapt to any situation. Since you need to create a balance between what you like and what looks good on you, keep on reading for the 5 tips for finding your personal style.

  1. Get some inspiration.



Whether coming from different style icons, celebrities, or even fashion magazines, a style inspiration can help you to be clear on your personal style. Like fashion blogger Jennifer Selmanovic, you may channel your artistic vibe with a graphic print dress that can turn heads while looking chic and feminine on your street style. Simply write down the details that inspire you and get an excellent idea by looking at different looks. This way, it will help you in developing a taste of your own.

  1. Clean up your closet.

futuristic-print-tube-top-with-skirt-and-over-the-knee-boots fur-coat-with-skinny-jeans graphic-print-top-with-skirt-and-jacket-tied-on-waist

Every change of season, you need to take a look at the closet and get rid of pieces that you have not worn. Getting rid of items that you are not wearing will help in starting fresh as you can redefine the wardrobe you own and add the details that reflect your personal taste. You might have a lot of clothes that have still a price tag on them that might say they aren’t your style. You might also have a lot of clothes you haven’t worn that can ignite some creativity on you on how to wear them nicely. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may tie your jacket on your waist to add some relaxed vibe on your too dressy outfit.

  1. Take your lifestyle into consideration.

whimsy-princess-like-ruffled-dress all-white-outfit-with-coat

A good wardrobe should not just concentrate on representing your creativity and ideas as it should also be a portrayal of your way of life. If you’re a fan of whimsy and princess-like styles wearing tiaras and big gowns, that wouldn’t be practical if you’re living in a small apartment that calls for a humble lifestyle. Though your style should shine a light on your personality, it should also be suitable for your field of work, your culture, and your city. Consider the different situations that you are likely to come across like work, dinners, parties, and such where you must shape your wardrobe accordingly. Also, it is necessary to find the pieces that you can mix and match for different looks.

  1. Shop smartly.

black-dress-pants-with-houndstooth-sweater-and-biker-vest checkered-skirt-with-biker-jacket

Buying too many things is not the answer to the wardrobe problems. The key is to shop smartly and try to buy the pieces that will go well with the pieces you already own. This way, you’ll be able to create different looks while staying in your budget. Just take an inventory of your closet and have a shopping list so you can fill your wardrobe gaps.

  1. Express your style with accessories.

sheer-top-with-statement-cross-necklace-and-skinny-pants gold-cuffs-with-all-white-outfit-and-boots eccentric-casual-outfit-with-quirky-accessories

The best way of wearing the style you want is to try them first on accessories before fully committing to them. You can always update your look by adding designer handbags, bold necklace, hat, sunglasses, classic pumps, edgy boots and such. Just make sure you wear the accessories that will pull off your distinguished look. By heeding our tips, you’ll be able to find your personal style and express yourself through your clothes.

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