5 Tips All Tights Wearers Must Know

One of the best staples to make your miniskirts and shorter dresses decent, tights can do double duty when it comes to looking stylish and chic. Whether you go for sheer, opaque, or printed tights, keep on reading for the 5 tips that will make your style trendy.

  1. Know when to wear opaque.

leopard print coat with black tights and pointy boots

red coat with black tights pastel blue coat with black tights

If you’re wearing skirts, shorts, and dresses in the colder months, opt for opaque tights to keep your style weather appropriate. Also, the shorter your hemline, the more opaque your tights need to be. “By wearing thicker tights, you’ll not only visually elongate your legs but also minimize the risk of showing an inevitable run,” says fashion editor Kasey Rowe on the Rue Now blog. On the other hand, sheer tights are fine when you’re wearing knee-high boots and showing only a sliver of leg.

  1. Don’t be afraid of color.

colorful dress with colored tights bright tights with neon dress and purple cardiganembellished floral dress with lavender coat and tights

Brightly colored tights can add a pop of color to any outfit. If you’re not a fan of an eccentric look, you can wear dark colored tights while keeping the rest of your look is neutral. Just keep in mind that if you go bold with your tights color, all eyes will be drawn to your legs. However, if you wish to look trendy, statement-making and eccentric, be bold on wearing the color blocking trend head-to-to, including your tights.

  1. Make them match.

black tights with neon yellow top and scalloped shorts quirky turban with wrap dress and black tights

If you’re not going for that isolated pop of color on the legs and you’re not sure how to coordinate, match your tights to the color of your shoes, or to the predominant color of the outfit you’re wearing to ensure that you look put-together. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you can still get a cohesive look even when wearing a neon yellow top by going for a black pair of shorts teamed with opaque tights and black pumps.

  1. Buy a size up.

floral print matching set with tights tights with red miniskirt and loose top

The smaller your tights are, the more pressure you place on the fibers and the more likely they are to snag and rip. So, think of getting a size up from the one you typically wear. You may also think of tights that go double duty by acting as a body shaper while hiding your underwear lines.

  1. Check for damages.

purple tights with chic winter outfit patterned tights with vintage retro floral dress

To ensure that your outfit looks sophisticated, always make sure that your tights are in good shape. Before put them on, examine them closely for any unsightly runs or holes. If you see even the tiniest snag, don’t kid yourself that it won’t become a shredded mess before the end of the day. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll keep your style fashion-forward and polished regardless of the color and style of tights you’re wearing.

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