5 Things Your Body Shape Doesn’t Tell You

We may be encouraged to dress for our body shapes to look our best all the time. While style is all about proportions and our body shapes let us know which areas to highlight and diminish, there are still some exceptions where body types must not dictate what are you going to wear. So, keep on reading for the 5 things your body shape doesn’t tell you, so you’ll have a sounder judgment when it comes to your personal style.

  1. Body shape doesn’t tell you which looks you like or dislike.



There may be a lot of clothes you see on a mannequin that looks attractive and you find it unflattering when you already try it. However, body shape doesn’t tell you which looks you must like or dislike. If you really like that trendy piece but the body book tells you to skip it, try to make the fashion piece work for you by styling it strategically. This way, you’re making your own rules and doesn’t letting fashion rules dictate you what to wear.

  1. Body shape doesn’t dictate how long your hemlines should be.

brocade-skirt-with-crop-jacket little-black-dress-with-boho-boots

The length on your hemlines is dictated mostly by your values and personality over body shape. Though women with heavy legs and calves are encouraged to wear skirts and dresses that can make them look pounds lighter, you can still show off your assets as long as your personality and confidence rock it. Just pay attention to the setting you’re going to and miniskirts are definitely off-limits at workplaces.

  1. Body shape doesn’t tell you which colors and details will look great on you.

fall-outfit-with-necklace-and-booties neon-yellow-dress-with-heels purple-shoes-with-green-skirt-and-trench-coat

Though cool toned women look more flattering with cool colors and warm toned women will look more glowing in warm colors, have your pick when it comes to looking creative on your style. You can wear a neon yellow dress like Chiara Ferragni to channel your lively personality on your casual weekends, and turn to softer hues mixed with neutrals on your creative office style.

  1. Body shape doesn’t tell you which accessories and shoe styles to wear.

baroque-gold-embroidered-shorts-with-leather-jacket baroque-outfit-with-layered-necklaces-and-gravity-shoes

Though tall women are discouraged to wear heels, as contrary to petite women, you can always pick a pair of shoes that you love regardless of your size and body shape. Like fashion blogger Emilija Vaišnoraitė, you can get a baroque-inspired style by going for a pair of gravity shoes and layered necklaces that can spice up your cobalt blue dress and fur coat. Or, resort to a pair of masculine shoes the next day to channel your inner grunge while looking chic on an embroidered shorts teamed with leather jacket.

  1. Body shape doesn’t tell you which styles will flatter your personality.

gravity-shoes-with-casual-chic-outfit orange-puffer-jacket-with-festive-outfit pastel-blue-romper-with-brown-suede-jacket

Though dressing for your body shape makes your style more flattering, don’t let it limit you for expressing your individuality. If you have a perfect figure and body shape book tells you to wear form-fitting clothes, don’t let that hinder you from wearing the oversized trend if you really love it. Like fashion blogger Nini Nguyen, be expressive on your outfits and your shoes to channel your edgy and creative fashion personality. In her case, she loves gravy heels that most women find it harder to walk in. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll make your style more expressive and unique.

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