5 Things to Consider Before Buying New Clothes

When it comes to shopping, we’ve all been guilty of an impulse buying that will later lead to buyer’s remorse. Before going shopping, consider the few things to help you save money and banish buyer’s remorse for good.

  1. Pay attention to the perfect fit.



Before buying an ensemble that fits perfectly to a mannequin, pay attention first of how you feel in the item. The pants must not be too short and the waistband must not gape in the back. If the fabric is itchy, then it would likely hang in your closet. If you are uncomfortable in the item or if you are let down by its overall appeal, it’s not worth spending money on.

  1. Think if the item is a wardrobe staple or just looks trendy.

high-socks-with-preppy-outfit striped-top-and-wide-leg-pants-with-sneakers white-dress-with-strappy-sandals

Every bold statement piece needs a complementary staple that anchors the whole outfit. So, there may be times when you have to buy items you don’t feel head over heels in love with, as they’re important in your wardrobe. Remember, trends come and go, so you should pay attention to wardrobe staples in great quality that will last for years to come. Not that you must only purchase stylish clothing, but take the cost per wear into consideration before spending your hard-earned paycheck.

  1. Think if the item is one-of-a-kind.

snake-print-bag-with-all-black-fall-outfit sweater-with-plaid-skirt-and-belt

Before you drop $100 or more on a plain white dress, ask yourself first if it would be worth it. Are you going to see thirty other variations walking down the street the second you leave the store? Sometimes the answer will be yes, but for most purchases, it’s important to cultivate a wardrobe that is as unique so you could express your individual tastes. Sometimes, it’s just not worth spending a lot of money on something that is being mass-produced by every fast fashion store. On the other hand, if you are in a vintage shop and have found an authentic, quality-made ensemble from the 1960s in a good condition, it could be a one-of-a-kind item worth investing in.

  1. Think how many outfits could you picture with the piece you’re about to buy.

structured-top-with-velvet-boots white-tee-with-denim-shorts-and-tall-boots

If the item is simple, then it’s more likely to be worn multiple times with different pieces. On the contrary, if you’re having a hard time picturing the item pairing well with anything else in your wardrobe, it will most likely end up sitting in your closet unworn and taking up space. So, the key is to look for clothes and shoes that seamlessly blend into your wardrobe. This way, you’ll maximize your clothes and create a stylish and functional wardrobe.

  1. Think if you’ll feel regret when you just walk away.

vintage-top-with-cuffed-jeans striped-skirt-with-sweater leather-vest-with-shorts

If you’re holding that item for more than ten minutes, debating over whether you should buy it or not. If you can imagine yourself not thinking twice about it after leaving the store, it’s probably because you don’t really love, or need the item. It might be best to simply leave it and walk away as you should always be confident in your purchases. By considering these things the next time you’re shopping, you’ll banish buyer’s remorse for good.

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