5 Things to Consider Before Breaking the Style Rules Like a Pro

Style rules are some of the common standards most women hold onto which limits their expression of their personality and looks. Though breaking those rules can be fun, you have to know first those rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist. If you’re wondering how far you can go breaking your rules, keep on reading for the 5 things you have to consider first.

  1. Your Personality



Depending on your personality, you could have set of fashion rules to live by or do it on your own way. Some women stay on their classic personality and style, while some tend to push boundaries getting more creative or rebellious on their looks. If you hate being the same as everyone else, you definitely would love to break rules since everyone is following them. Like fashion blogger Louise Ebel, you may opt for a headband with peacock feather design over pearls and sequins. Or, opt for a harness belt that looks edgy over feminine and slim belts. If your personality pushes you to breaking your style rules which are just guidelines anyway, then of course break them.

  1. Your Lifestyle


Depending on how you spend your time, your outfits must suit your lifestyle. Some rules say that every woman must have little black dress, crisp white shirt, and full skirt, but if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, then it’s no use to you. Like fashion blogger Emily Jackson, you may go for a white tee and skirt for your casual Fridays or look more casual with sneakers and leather trousers like fashion blogger Laura Dittrich. There are no rules anymore as far as what you must have in your closet. Remember, your wardrobe needs to reflect your current lifestyle, not what it was last year.

  1. Your Body and Your Body Image


Depending on your body shape, you can look flattering in high-waist shorts or wrap dress. Also, if you have a great body image, you’re more likely to break style rules, knowing that it makes you look taller, thinner, fatter, shorter and such. Remember, ‘learning the rules like a pro’ allows you to decide how to break those rules without necessarily creating an outfit that makes you look outlandish and flamboyant as you can always break them as long as it suits your body shape and image. Wearing colors outside of your color palette, won’t be as unflattering as it could be depending on how you’re going to rock it.

  1. Your Existing Wardrobe

edgy-sandals-with-orange-dress yellow-and-burgundy-outfit-with-structured-coatjeans-with-sneakers-and-coat

Unless you have an unlimited budget, then you need to work with your existing wardrobe, even if it’s not great, until you can gradually find fabulous pieces that represent who you are today and your current lifestyle. Like fashion blogger Nika Huk, you may team your yellow top with a dark colored skirt, giving a sharp contrast on your outfit and unexpected color combination. Just learn how to work what you have into outfits that you like that make best use of these pieces.

  1. Your Values

printed-wrap-dress high-waist-shorts-with-chic-blouse billowy-top-with-maxi-skirt

Depending on what do you enjoy wearing and your values, you can go for a more outlandish style or a more conservative look. Other women with a more conservative style tend to break fewer rules. For instance, if you have a large bust, which will be minimized with a lower neckline, but one of your clothing values is modesty and covering up your body, you may find that your modesty value trumps the flattery of a lower neckline, so you’ll choose to wear higher necklines, knowing that this is making your bust appear larger, but you just feel more comfortable covered up. With our guidelines, you can break those style rules like a pro without compromising your values, personality, and lifestyle.

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