5 Things Only Girls Who Hate Dressing Up Understand

While sophisticated women are known for looking dressy and classy all the time, some just don’t like dressing up. Low-maintenance women prefer comfort over high fashion and would rather not spend too much time in the morning figuring out which clothes to wear. If you’re a tee-and-jeans type of girl, you’ll understand perfectly these 5 things that only low-maintenance girls get.

  1. Dressing up doesn’t have to consume your time and energy.

animal print coat with urban outfit

grunge outfit with leather jacket jeans with structured navy coat

For low-key women, dressing up is hard work. They prefer to dress for the entire day that means wearing an outfit that can easily transition from daywear to nightwear. If you like to keep your morning routine simple, draw inspiration from fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein’s outfit wearing jeans and tee with a structured coat that keeps everything effortless yet polished. Also, wearing your chic eyeglasses is so much easier.

  1. You’d rather just stay at home if you know that going out means wearing high heels.

loafers with overalls and sweater grunge outfit with boots

High heels look great but they wreak havoc on your feet all night long. How can you enjoy yourself when you’re wincing in pain with every step? However, you can still go outdoors looking chic and effortless with loafers, Birkenstock sandals, boots, and flats. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernheim, think of wearing a pair of pointy loafers with your overalls and cozy sweater that keeps you comfortable and cool on your street looks.

  1. When you do dress up, you feel really uncomfortable.

bomber jacket with edgy shoes ruffled dress with boots and turtleneck

The low-key style reflects the practical and laid back personalities of low-maintenance women. Some women we’re used to wearing comfy clothes that when they finally have an obligation to dress up, they feel really uncomfortable. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernheim, make everything easy yet dressy with a frilly shift dress teamed with a white sweater and comfortable ankle boots.

  1. You basically live in your yoga pants, denim jeans, and joggers.

pajama pants with winter jacket winter jacket with tee and jeans casual winter outfit

For low-key women, yoga pants are mankind’s greatest invention as they’re super comfy, stretchy, and don’t dig into your skin like jeans do. You can wear them with everything and everywhere from running errands to doing laundry, hanging out with friends to working out and such. If you wish for a more casual vibe, resort to denim jeans and joggers.

  1. Simplicity is beauty.

slip dress with gray coat urban outfit with white coat

Low key women don’t really own or wear too many accessories. More often than not, the sunglasses are the exception. Like fashion blogger Danielle Bernheim, you may go for an all black outfit teamed with a white coat and a pair of flattering sunglasses that will keep everything polished yet effortless. So, keep rocking that low-key style and remember that comfy fashion shows that you’re comfortable with yourself.

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