5 Things Coco Chanel Taught Us about Style

Inspired women to dress for themselves and with their own daily routines in mind, French designer Coco Chanel influenced the fashion and society. So, keep on reading for the 5 things Coco Chanel taught us about style that that are just as relevant today.

  1. Form follows function.



Though some fashion-forward women prefer to look stylish rather than looking comfortable, Chanel believed that form must follow function. Chanel was a pioneer of a postwar, modern aesthetic for women in the 1920s that embraced comfort and freedom in silhouettes over the restrictive corsets and petticoats. “Luxury must be comfortable,” she said, and her designs utilized typical menswear shapes and materials, such as jersey, to achieve this. Chanel looked beyond the mannequin and saw the real woman who would be wearing her clothes which you must consider when picking your timeless fashion staples.

  1. Costume jewelry can be just as fun as the real thing.

chanel-earrings-with-polka-dots-dress ruffled-off-shoulder-top-with-pearl-choker-and-straight-leg-pants gold-chanel-chain-belt-in-black-dress

Chanel was a proponent of wearing fake jewels as much or more than expensive, authentic baubles, famously stating, “It’s disgusting to walk around with millions around the neck because one happens to be rich.” She became known for piling on strands of pearls and chains as part of a self-styled uniform, making costume jewelry just as covetous as fine jewelry. Like fashion bloggers, think of statement-making yet cheaper accessories that still look classy like pearl chokers, drop earrings, gold belts and such that can add some flair to your looks.

  1. Look stylish and functional with sling bag over clutches.

edgy-boots-with-printed-outfit-and-structured-bag red-chanel-bag-and-stilettos-with-leather-pants-and-off-shoulder-blouse

Clutches, which you had to hold in your hands, and wristlets were popular purse styles in the first half the twentieth century. However, the French designer favored ease of movement instead, and she designed the now-iconic quilted handbag with a chain strap that allowed its wearer to move about hands-free. Her bag has become a status symbol for ‘It’ girls and practical working women alike. If you can’t go for high-end sling bags, go for high-quality yet stylish and functional bags that can serve you well.

  1. A little black dress is a wardrobe staple.

black-dress-with-bomber-jacket-and-boots black-dress-with-wool-coat-and-fall-boots

Known as one of her most enduring contributions to fashion, the little black dress was a wardrobe essential for Chanel. She considered the garment functional for daytime, evening and anything in between, and today, no modern woman’s closet is complete without at least one little black dress.

  1. Go for a tweed blazer that goes well with anything.

tweed-blazer-with-skirt-and-boots tweed-blazer-with-leather-trousers tweed-blazer-with-black-outfit-and-fall-tall-boots

The understated elegance of a Chanel tweed suit never falls out of style. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, think of a tweed blazer that looks chic and cozy with your classic outfit at the same time keeps you warm in the colder months. By taking these things into consideration, you’ll be able to get that timeless look effortlessly.

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