5 Swimsuits You’ll Love for Summer

Summer’s just right around the corner, though if you’re in warmer and more tropical places, it may already feel like it has begun. If you’re gearing up for summer, start looking for the perfect swimsuit now. Here are a few ones that might help you get started on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit.


  1. Belted swimsuits

Retro belted swimsuits are making a comeback and they’re more fab than ever. If you’re looking for something with a bit of a vintage vibe to it or something to emphasize that curvaceous waist even further, a belted swimsuit might just do the job for you. Of course, if you’re on a budget, you can always DIY this look instead.white swimsuit with belt brigitte bardot

leatherette belt on swimsuit


  1. Cheeky swimsuits

Proud of that booty you’ve been working out for? Flaunt it! Cheeky swimsuits are one of the hottest swimsuit trends for this year and there’s no better time to own one than now. This swimsuit style is perfect for Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian fans who love flaunting their booty. Cheek swimauits come in one-piece and two-piece sets. If you ever feel too conscious while wearing one, you can always just cover it up with a beach wrap or a sarong.cheeky striped one piece cheeky kylie bikini


  1. 90’s ribbed swimsuits

Everything from the 90s is making a comeback, so why not ribbed swimsuits? These are super gorgeous and very reminiscent of the 90s. These offer more variation in terms of texture, so it’s a great way to make your look at the beach or at the pool stand out.white swimsuit with belt brigitte bardot ribbed red swmsuit outfit


  1. Velvet swimsuits

Velvet is such a luxurious fabric, you’d never think of wearing it in the form of a swimsuit. This is exactly why a velvet swimsuit makes a great statement at the beach. Whether you’re looking to just lounge around and tan, or you actually want to give your new swimsuit a go in the water, a velvet swimsuit is sure to get all eyes on you.velvet blue swimsuit velvet triangle bikini


  1. Frilly swimsuits

Now, if you’re not ready for a summer look that’s too edgy or too sexy, there’s always the option to just look sweet and stylish. This summer, you can achieve this with frilly swimsuits. It doesn’t matter whether it’s feathers, floral appliques, lace, or ruffle, choose a swimsuit that’s the right kind of frilly for you and rock it like you mean it!frilly crochet bikini frilly floral bikini


Ready for summer? Which swimsuit styles are you looking forward to adding in your collection? Let us know in the comments!



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