5 Surprising Truths about Style That You Have to Know

Dressing well is something we advocate every woman should learn. Though there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good and put your most stylish foot forward, there are some surprising truths about style you have to know, which can make your priorities and outlook in fashion change.

  1. It doesn’t matter where your clothes are made, only how they’re made.



Some women are fond of shopping on Europe-based stores over Asian ones, thinking that they’ll get higher quality clothes from them. However, where something is made doesn’t automatically mean it’s superior and a country of origin doesn’t signify handiwork quite like a manufacturer’s consistency. Instead of basing your purchases on where the clothes are made, look for items that have consistently stood the test of time and proven themselves to be superior to the competition.

  1. Brands don’t really matter.

fisherman-sweater-with-fur-jacket-and-skinny-jeans tank-top-with-leather-skirt-and-coat

Whether it’s the new ones making waves, or the labels that have been around for a while and still stay on top of the game, there’s nothing wrong with brand loyalty. However, as far as style is concerned, that’s totally subjective. Regardless of the brand, you must examine the quality of garments you’re about to buy. While there is no clear definition of what makes a brand “good,” you certainly have a good idea of what you’re into, what you want to look like, and what kinds of designers and labels can help you do that. The only brands that really matter are the ones that you identify with.

  1. Each season consists of new “timeless classics.”

leather-jacket-with-skinny-jeans white-dress-with-lug-sole-shoes mercury-sunglasses-with-boxy-top-and-skirt

Though there are certain guidelines for us women on picking timeless classics that will stand the test of time, you have to know that each season consists of new timeless classics. Regardless how classic or timeless the ensemble is, every woman doesn’t need a trench coat, chambray shirt, wool coat, skinny jeans, plain tee, little black dress and such in her closet. While these are all great examples of things that will never go out of style, the trick is to sift through all these items and find out which ones you actually like and need on each season, not the ones being pitched to you by fashion magazines.

  1. Chasing trends will not make you look more unique.

boho-grunge-outfit-with-hat-and-rounded-sunnies pajama-matching-set food-print-french-fries-top-with-quirky-tumbler-bag-and-casual-outfit

When going shopping, shop like a man where you’re not dictated by trends, and only buy ensembles you really like. You know what works for you and what didn’t. Remember, not every woman needs a blazer, wide leg pants, button-down shirt, and pencil skirt, especially if you’re very laidback. Like fashion blogger Oksana Orehhova, make those trends work for you whether they’re in fashion or out of fashion, just like wearing a funky top with her jeans and quirky tumbler bag that shows her playful personality.

  1. There are few things you’ll actually keep forever.

trench-coat-with-button-down-shirt-and-skinny-jeans sailor-jacket-with-fall-outfit

If you’re into clothes as a hobby, chances are you switch up your look every now and then. That means you more than likely have everything yet nothing to wear. The key is to examine you pieces well and know which ones serve you well. Also, you have to toss the items that don’t serve you well. Once you’re done deciding what stuff you can get rid of, then it’s time to go shopping, again. By knowing these truths, you’ll be smarter on your shopping and have a unique style that stands the test of time.

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