5 Surprising Fashion Truths You Must Know

Fashion is full of rules and myths and you don’t know what to follow to keep you stylish. However, there are fashion truths you must know that might holding you back to achieving more fashionable and practical looks.

  1. You can completely change the way people see you by changing the way you dress.


red-skirt-with-chic-vest-and-metallic-gold-pumps edgy-leather-jacket-with-black-dress

Though we may create judgments about people based on how they look, a strong first impression is not set in stone. There might be a lot of work to hold onto an impression of someone as being sloppy and unorganized when they start showing up to work every day looking sleek and pulled together. By looking more polished, or wearing the looks that speak of your personality, you can take control of the image you present to the world.

  1. People will only know your ensemble is cheap if you tell them.

chic-robe-dress-with-gold-necklace-and-earrings flared-pants-with-leather-vest striped-sweater-with-leather-skirt

Most designer clothing is so overpriced that the only way to tell the difference between Zara and some high-end brand at least at a glance is by looking at the label. Though we’re all encouraged to go for timeless and better pieces that can last in a lifetime, you can still opt for cheaper trendy items that look more expensive-looking rather than investing in a piece that will be soon out of fashion. If you’re opting for a cheaper sweater, pay attention to fabric, stitches, and prints as a striped sweater will look just similar to cheap and high-end brands from afar.

  1. Logos and other prominent brandings will cheapen a look more often than not.

nude-matching-set-with-structured-bag-and-coat studded-clutch-with-black-and-white-outfit

Plastering yourself with logos and brand signatures is just tacky as you’ll only end up looking like a walking advertisement. The fact is, the “H” buckle on Hermès belt, the all-over logo print on a tote bag, or the colorful sole on a pair of high heels may be attention-grabbing, but they don’t actually add anything to the design of the piece. Wear them if you love them, but don’t do it as some sort of status symbol. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may keep your looks simple with a monochromatic outfit and a sleek bag and look more elegant and sophisticated.

  1. Shopping is not the answer to getting a great style.

blanket-scarf-with-nude-pumps orange-bag-with-chic-romper

Fashion industry is constantly convincing you to buy more stuff, but shopping is not the answer to a great style. You don’t actually need more stuff especially if you have a closet full of clothes, yet find yourself nothing to wear. This time, you just need to change on how you view the clothes you already have. You may be more satisfied with your clothes if you only wear them for specific purposes just like having a work wardrobe and a weekend wardrobe, and never mixing them.

  1. You should never take fashion advice personally.

novelty-print-heart-blouse-with-burgundy-skirt bohemian-maxi-dress

A lot of people get really upset when they read that something is “out of style” or shouldn’t be worn a certain way. The thing to remember is, when a fashion editor says that something is “out” or “not appropriate for the office” or whatever else, they are not calling out you personally. They are just giving their professional opinion, which you can take or leave. By taking these fashion truths into consideration, you’ll make your everyday life easier and your style more personal.

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