5 Summer Colors to Wear Now

Colors add some life and creativity to our usual outfits. More than that, colors give some impressions to our personalities and evokes moods perfect for the summer season. To keep your style summer-ready, keep on reading for our list of summer colors to wear now.

  1. Yellow or Orange

yellow envelope clutch with brown outfit

orange dress with white mini bag and pumps neon yellow with printed skirt and white blazer yellow top with emerald green skirt

Summer is always associated with more sunlight, for where sunlight positively affects women’s hormones and makes it easier to get enough fresh air and exercise according to studies. So fill your wardrobe with the colors of the sun ranging from neon yellow, lemon yellows, tangerine, or bright orange that naturally reflect the mood of the season. Yellow and orange are two bright shades that may not look well together, so better opt for one that looks great on you. Like fashion blogger Veronica Popoiacu, you may start with a yellow-colored clutch if you’re a fan of neutral outfits. Or, start with a subtle shade of yellow on your top to make your style summer-ready without looking flashy.

  1. Cobalt Blue

cobalt blue and white dress with edgy boots cobalt blue suit with color blocked wedges cobalt blue mermaid miniskirt with white top cobalt blue lace dress with gold pumps

Ocean colors, especially cobalt blue have a ripple effect, too. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, think of a cobalt blue lace dress or even a business suit that will look great with other sunny shades like gold tones or neon yellow. Also, you may wear these colors head-to-toe for a sophisticated monochromatic style, or accent the bolder tones with low-lights of the paler ones to be totally contemporary.

  1. White

white blouse with mesh skirt white crochet dress with yellow bag and green pumps keyhole turtleneck dress with pink clutch

Science has proven that dark colors are going to toast you, as light travels slowly through darker colors, which keeps it near your body for a longer time. So, light colored outfits give some breathable function just because they can beat the heat. All-white outfits, especially in summer fabrics, keep you cooler by reflecting light. Like fashion blogger Jenny Bernheim, think of a keyhole style dress or a mesh skirt that will keep your summer looks trendy yet breezy.

  1. Pastel Pink

pastel pink coat and dress pink coat dress with black bag pastel pink culottes with nude sandals pink floral pants with white top

To give some feminine vibe to your summer style, opt for pastel pink and skip those darker shades of hot pink. You can also try sheer fabrics, like lace or tulle overlays. Going for pastel pink pants or culottes will keep your street style feminine yet summer friendly. For the office, think of swapping your black and navy coats with pink ones to keep your style a bit feminine yet professional like fashion blogger Mary Orton did.

  1. Apple Green or Forest Green

sheer dark green mesh dress with cap toe shoes rainbow colored dress with cute sunglasses printed wrap dress with ankle strap sandals apple green dress with wedges

Known to be the most refreshing shade on the color spectrum, green gives some refreshment to your summer style. Apple green is fresh and breezy but if you’re not playful enough, think of forest green ensembles in summer fabrics to keep your style a bit classy yet season-appropriate. For more formal affairs, especially those that will be held on night, forest green in mesh or see-through fabric is the best choice for keeping you breezy and classy throughout the night.

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