5 Stylish Ways to Wear Track Pants

Unstructured and not-so-fabulous, track pants are the new face of denim jeans that you may resort to whether you’re a fan of laid back looks, edgy style, sporty-chic looks, and even feminine style. However, these pants may seem not so polished and sleek compared to your pair of black skinny jeans, but you can still dress them up for a sleeker look. If you’re looking for tricks to thoroughly refresh your typical street style, keep on reading for our 5 stylish ways to wear track pants.

  1. Edgy Street Style

fur coat with jogger pants and mules

leather track pants with black top snake print blouse with leather joggers track pants with leather coat and combat boots

Track pants needn’t be made of knitted jersey, although those are an option too. To make your style edgy, opt for a pair of leather track pants that drapes well and flatters your shape. Loose, but not too oversized, with tailoring in all the right places is great to give some easy elegance to your edgy looks. Think of snake print sweater, leather top, army coat, military jacket and even edgy footwear like clogs, brogues, oxfords, and combat boots. Picking edgy colors and prints can be great for adding a statement to your style. Leopard prints, snakeskin prints, zebra prints, as well as olive green and black screams edgy giving some military-chic vibe.

  1. Unexpectedly Sexy Look

bandeau top with jogger pants sheer top with trck pants and pumps swimsuit with jogger pants and bomber jacket

Looking sexy with these slouchy track pants can be achieved to by going for unexpected looks. You may think of a high-cut swimsuit to wear with your track pants baring your thighs in an unexpected sexy but laid back looks. Just top your outfit with a bomber jacket to keep it balanced. Wearing a bandeau top, crop top, or even a sheer top can be great as long as you keep the sexiness tamed with your sleek blazers and structured coats.

  1. Sports-Inspired Style

sweatshirt with jogger pants and heels track pants with coat track pants with metallic blouse tweed jacket with leather joggers

If you’re a fan of the athletic trend, but not fond of wearing sneakers, track pants can be your choice. Look for sports-inspired details like stripes, cuffs, zippers, elastic detailing, and even drawstrings on your waistband. The baggy fit is about relaxed comfort and a small amount of slouch. Think of wearing them with a sporty-chic sweater like fashion blogger Blair Eadie did and tweak your style by cuffing your hems on your knees. Metallic tops, button-down shirts, graphic tops, tweed blazer, tank top, bomber jacket, and such are great for dressing up and dressing down your outfit.

  1. Casual-Chic Style

button down shirt with sweat pants chic top with trackpants fur coat with sweat pants blazer with sweat pants

Remember that an entirely chic bottom can change the slouchy feel of your pants. Track pants are supposed to be worn in a fairly dressy manner to create an effortless casual-chic style. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, you may simply opt for a sleek and lightweight sweater to pair with your track pants and finish your outfit with an edgy pair of boots. Also, they are ideal match with equally draped tops, worn either untucked or semi-tucked. Structured jackets, crisp button-down shirt, and tailored blazer can be great too. If your track pants are made from knitted jersey and other casual fabrics, better dress them up with a fur coat, or any glamorous top to balance the look.

  1. Classic and Feminine Look

lace-up-sandals-with-track-pants-and-chic-top tweed blazer with leather track pants trackpants with striped blazer track pants with fur coat and chiffon blouse sleek track pants with white blouse

To have pleasure in your classic style without compromising comfort, you may opt for chicer styles of track pants. Skip those knitted jerseys and go for silky track pants or even dressier trousers made of refined fabrics that are cut like fleece sweat pants or “track pants”. They may still have an elastic waistband and drawstring, are tapered at the ankle, and are roomy right through the leg – the fashionable trade mark of track pants. Also, track pants are one solution to covered dressing in warmer weather when you don’t want to wear jeans, dresses, skirts or shorts.

Indeed, track pants are comfortable, and wearing them is a subtle way of adding something different to your effortless street style.

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