5 Stylish Ways to Wear Denim Jackets with Skirts

Modern classic and very versatile, denim jackets are casual pieces that look effortlessly cool especially when worn over skirts and dresses. Whether you wish for a casual cool, sophisticated chic, casual chic, simple, or edgy style, keep on reading for our 5 stylish ways of wearing denim jackets with skirt.

  1. Casual Cool Style

graphic tee with colored shorts and denim jacket

denim jacket with denim skirt

Denim jackets scream casual, and to make it cooler, wear them with your most basic and laidback items like a graphic skirt, tank top, casual skirts, funky midi skirts, and even a denim skirt. Like fashion blogger Flávia Linden, you may opt for flat espadrille flats to make your casual style look effortless, though you can still go for ankle strap sandals, wedge sandals, and even strappy sandals for a chic polish. Since the denim fabric is quite stiff, you may leave your buttons unfastened to prevent the band of the jacket from digging when seated.

  1. Simple Street Style

denim jacket and suede skirt with lace-up flats gray skirt with denim jacket suede skirt with denim jacket

If you’re not into colors and prints, add some texture to your neutral colored outfit with a denim jacket to avoid looking dull without losing your neutral theme. Knitted turtleneck, crisp button down shirt, pencil skirt, tube skirt, tank top, suede button front skirt and such look perfect with them even they’re in the shades of neutral. You may resort to denim jackets in acid-washed, faded, distressed, and embellished to add some texture to your plain looks. However, if you’re really drawn to effortless and minimalist look, a traditional denim jacket will be great for you.

  1. Pretty Casual Style

casual chic outfit with denim jacket gingham shirt with denim jacket and skirt pretty casual outfit with hat striped top with printed skirt and denim jacket

Looking feminine and chic without too much elegance and sophistication can be achieved with a denim jacket, especially when you plan for a long walk in the streets. Just pick those pretty items that are still look casual like a checkered print button down shirt, striped top, printed miniskirt, and such in fabrics like cotton and denim that look more casual over silk, satin, chiffon, and lace. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, just polish your looks with a chic fedora hat, espadrille flats, and a crossbody bag for a more casual look.

  1. Edgy Fashion Style

camo skirt with denim jacket grunge outfit with denim jacketdenim jacket with casual outfit  leather skirt and chic top with denim jacket

Looking edgy on your street looks doesn’t mean wearing leather all the time. Though leather skirts and tops are great, you may still go for shirts with edgy prints, camouflage print skirts, dark velvet skirts, concert tees, and such. You may leave the sleeves of your jacket down for a more comfortable look. Studded boots, Doc Marten boots, combat boots, and platform shoes look edgy, but you can still keep your chic polish with a pair of low-heeled sandals or kitten pumps.

  1. Sophisticated Chic Style

denim jacket with chic outfit denim jacket with pleated skirt denim jacket with white dressskirt and printed top with denim jacket sophisticated outfit with denim jacket

If you’re heading to work and wish for an effortless look on your happy hours, you may just top your sophisticated chic outfit with a plain and smart denim jacket. The more dressy and chic your outfits are is the more polish and smart your look will be with a casual denim jacket. Think of pencil, fluted or flared, midi and maxi styles of skirts that will look great on you. Ones with ruching, insets, ruffles, flounces, and asymmetrical hems look more feminine and chic because of their romantic integrity that creates a fun juxtaposition against the casual and effortless vibe of the denim jacket.

As you have seen, denim jackets are not only for skinny denim jeans and distressed denim shorts as they go really well with your most funky or sophisticated skirts.

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