5 Stylish Ways to Hide Your Muffin Top

When you’ve been given more than a week of partying, it’s quite expected to make you feel heavier and get a muffin top from your favorite pair of pants. If you’re not acquainted with the term, a muffin top is the flabby skin that usually bubbled over the top of your pants and skirt, especially if you’re wearing too tight or clingy bottom. Looking for ways to hide your flaws without intensive workouts and diet programs? Keep on reading or out stylish ways to hide your muffin top.

  1. Get the right fit.

high waist pants with white ruffled top

pastel blouse with accordion skirt skinny jeans with white top white blouse with printed skirt white cut out dress

If you feel you’ve gained some pounds, then, your pants or skirts will get a bit tighter than it used before. So, get the right fit whether you’ll have your pants tailored or seek a roomier waistband. Low rise bottoms, particularly low rise jeans, are a terrible choice of bottoms to wear for those with muffin tops. If you do wear low rise jeans, pair them up with long tops. For a more flattering look, opt for high waist bottoms that are particularly wonderful to show off your lovely curves without the muffin top to swamp them down.

  1. Loose and oversized tops are the easy fixes.

poncho with jeans and velvet boots turtleneck sweater with fur skirt sweater with cropped jeans ruffled off shoulder top with denim shorts red skull print blouse with casual jeans

Most women with muffin top would hide theirs by wearing flowing, loose, and oversized tops. These are really great. You can pair them up with a loose bottom for a relaxed and sloppy chic look or a fitted one to balance out your outfit. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may go for an exaggerated ruffled and off shoulder top overlapping with your denim shorts to hide your muffin top. Or, simply wear a non-clingy turtleneck sweater with your fur skirt to create a casual-chic outfit without worrying about your flaws.

  1. Make your waist be the focus.

black wrap dress printed wrap dress with ankle strap sandals peplum top with full skirt empire style dress with belt and structured bag blue peasant dress with statement sandals

Some women would look great wearing shift dresses that fall straight down their body, but some won’t look great in them as their womanly curves won’t show ultimately. Since muffin tops are commonly found somewhere above your hip area, you can try to bring the attention around your waist area. Opting for dresses or tops that cinches around your waist will be great to hide your muffin top while enhancing your curvatures. A-line blouse that slightly flares out as it reaches the hemline or peplum top is also great for pear-shaped women who don’t want to bring attention to their wide hips. Wrap dresses also helps in covering your muffin top as it fits around the torso.

  1. Play with colors and prints on your outfit.

abstract print shirt dress with statement sandals wrap printed dress with white bag printed maxi dress color blocked dress with ankle strap sandals

Choosing the right colors and prints to wear on your outfit will help in drawing the attention away from the existence of your muffin top. You don’t have to go for paneled clothes at all times as you can pick catchy prints and loud patterns to distract the eyes from your flaws. But, when opting for a color paneled outfit, look for ones with a light color in the center while the sides are in a dark color.

  1. Top your outfits with boxy jackets or structured blazers.

pink top with pink tweed blazer and short peplum blazer with leather shorts leather jacket with striped top and skinny pants blazer with white top and striped skirt

If you’re not a fan of colored and printed outfits, you could still use the color blocking technique by wearing a dark top with a light-colored blazer and shorts like Blair Eadie did. Boxy tops are a more angular alternative if you’re not a fan of oversized or loose tops. Structured blazers and boxy jackets have a box-like silhouette with sharp angles at the hem that could hide your muffin top. Though you can still go for knitted cardigan and blazers when going for a color blocked style.

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