5 Stylish Staples with Staying Power

Dressing to impress isn’t always an easy task as we’re often presented with the various options of classic or trendy items that can make our style boring or fun. If you’re looking for high-quality investment pieces that are slightly different than the traditional norm, keep on reading for our 5 stylish staples with staying power.

  1. Seasonless Dress



If you have enough little black dresses that will last multiple lifetimes, it’s time to opt for a simple-yet-striking dress in a muted shade other than black. A dress with a slightly scooped neckline is universally flattering, while classic sleeves give it seasonless longevity. Just look for a dress with a little stretch to flatter your figure, so you’ll love to wear it with your blazer and coats in colder months and as a standalone piece in the warmer months. You may also dress it up with a chic floppy hat and a fur scarf like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Blazer

chic-blazer-with-ripped-jeans checkered-blazer-with-leather-trousers boyfriend-blazer-with-leopard-print-bag

Chic, modern, and authoritative, blazers are known as an office staple, but remember that not all blazers are created equal. So, opt for a perfect fit whether it’s a boyfriend blazer or cropped blazer as it’s just as easy to look dowdy, frumpy in an ill-fitting one. If it’s not a perfect fit, pay a little extra for tailoring. Before investing in a stylish blazer, think if you’d wear it at least once per week for over five years, so you’ll focus more on quality and durability of a blazer.

  1. Metallic Oxfords

metallic-gold-oxfords-with-casual-outfit metallic-oxfords-with-pastel-pink-outfit metallic-oxfords-with-pastel-outfit

Traditionally menswear-inspired, the metallic twist of oxfords gives them a workplace edge. Just look for another pair of metallic oxfords that you can also wear on your casual weekends with your skinny jeans, basic tee, and even casual dresses. They’re distinctive, practical footwear that will never go out of style, so their lifetime price-per-wear would be extremely low.

  1. Leather Bag

leather-bag-with-chic-outfit red-leather-tote-bag-with-printed-blazer

You may forget about over-priced, trendy designer bags as a simple, high-quality bag is one of the best investments you can make as long as it’s real and high-quality. A simple leather bag is a stylish minimalism at its finest. So look for a piece with as few details as possible to really stand-out, and let the craftsmanship and quality of the leather speak for itself.

  1. Booties

embroidered-booties-with-casual-chic-outfit coat-with-metallic-trousers-and-ankle-booties

At first glance, booties may seem trendy, but they’re going to stick around. One of the most flexible footwear pieces, booties can be paired equally well with pants and dresses, and working both professionally and casually. A pair of booties with gold trims or embroidery will go with any hue and offer a much-needed twist to an all-black outfit. With our guidelines, you’ll be able to have stylish staples with staying power.

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