5 Stylish Jackets for Spring

Spring comes with unpredictable weather. Sometimes it’s nippy, and sometimes it’s warm. As this is the case, it pays to be prepared with whatever temperature might come your way. Make it a point to be fashionably bundled up with these pretty jackets for spring.

Denim Jacket

Denim is the perfect fabric for all seasons, that is why it is considered as one of the best jackets for spring. Truly versatile, you can wear it with a floral dress – or a frilly chiffon dress. Unlike before, denim jackets for spring come in a variety of fits and styles. With that being said, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in a handful of denim jackets. After all, you can wear these pieces no matter what the season might be.

denim jacket outfit

denim jacket apparel denim jacket

Cropped Jacket

Cropped jackets are favored by many because they can emphasize the female figure, as most styles end at the waist. As such, this is one of the jackets for spring that you need to consider. Apart from emphasizing your hourglass figure, the cropped jacket is not as warming as the other versions. So if you want to keep cool – but want to wear a jacket anyway – then cropped jackets for spring are more up your alley.

cropped red jacket cropped jacket cropped green jacket

Suede Jacket

Jackets for spring need to be lightweight because of the lovely weather. While leather might be your favorite, you should consider any of the stylish suede jackets for spring. This nimble jacket is fashionable as it is comfy. And since suede is one of spring’s hottest fashion trends, you won’t fall out of the fashion bandwagon by wearing suede jackets for spring.

suede jacket suede jacket outfit suede jacket apparel

Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket might be inspired by military wear, but it is, without a doubt, one of the best jackets for spring! This ‘borrowed from the boys’ look can add that much-needed contrast to your frilly, girly frocks. Whenever you feel like your outfit needs some spunk (or kick,) then make sure to top it off with any of the chic bomber jackets for spring.

bomber jacket attire bomber jacket pink bomber jacket

Rain Jacket

Spring comes with unexpected showers here and there. Lest you want to look like a wet duckling at the end of the day, it pays to have rain jackets for spring in your closet. Compared before, rain jackets for spring are more fashionable than ever. They come in a variety of prints and styles that don’t add non-existent weight to your figure. Since they are very lightweight, you won’t have a hard time keeping it in your tote or office cabinet.

rain jacket outfit rainjacket red rain jacket

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