5 Styling Tricks that are Perfect for Spring

Spring fashion is always chic but sometimes, even the most chic look can look boring when it’s overused. Spring has always been a symbol of starting something new so why not as an inspiration for your fashion if you’re getting a little rusty with your outfit-planning prowess? With so many new trends coming about, it’s only natural to get a little tired from keeping up. here are a few styling tricks that are perfect for spring.

  1. Wear pants under skirts and dresses – this is one of the hottest and most popular trends we’re seeing today, be it on models walking the runway or on your average everyday fashionista. Wearing pants underneath your skirt or dress creates an edgy look that’s subtle but definitely there. If you’re a little intimidated, you can start off by using leggings and then eventually work your way to wearing actual pants. Midi-length dresses work best for this styling trick.dress off shoulder black and pants
    dress wrap style with black pants
  2. Layer a casual jacket over a slip dress – boudoir chic has been all the rage these past few months so why not step it up and give it a bit of an edgy twist? Instead of going for the classic look, go for a street style vibe by wearing your slip dress with a casual jacket layered on top. It’s a great way to dress down the piece and make it look fabulous for everyday wear.casual blazer jacket and ecru slip dress casual denim jacket and slip dress with birks
  3. Wear socks with sandals – socks and sandals used to be a fashion abomination but right now they’re the hottest thing. Sure, not everyone can pull it off but it’s a fashion risk worth taking. Fashion editors, style icons, models off duty – these are just some of the people who love this fashion combo so much.socks and sandals outfit with red dress socks and sandals with shorts
  4. Pair a denim skirt with a lace up top – you don’t have to be a model to look like one because you can always just dress the part. One of the models’ favorite go-to off duty outfit? A lace up top tucked into a denim skirt. This has also proven to be a favorite among celebrities and, especially, fashion bloggers worldwide.lace up brown top and denim skirt lace up top and denim skirt
  5. Wear a bandeau under a jacket – instead of the usual tank top, cami, or crop top, wear a bandeau underneath your jacket to get a super chic and sexy look that’s guaranteed to turn heads. This makes a great music festival outfit, especially when finished with the right shoes and the right accessories to give it the right vibe.bandeau and jacket neutral palette bandeau and lace jacket kimono



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