5 Style Tricks to Pick the Perfect Jumpsuit for You

Jumpsuits are comfortable pieces next to denim jeans. However, many women find them challenging to wear as they look challenging to wear and they’re indeed less versatile compared to typical trousers and skirts. If you’re thinking on investing into a new style of jumpsuit, then keep on reading to learn our 5 style tricks to pick the perfect jumpsuit for you.

  1. Go for a flattering neckline and a perfect fit for you.

borrowed from boys' jumpsuit with birkenstocks

sexy-denim-jumpsuit-with-fringe-bag sexy V-neck jumpsuit sporty jumpsuit with sneakers sweetheart jumpsuit with ankle strap snakeskin sandals white tube jumpsuit

Some jumpsuits are tight-fitting while some are loose. There are V-neck, tube, halter, sweetheart, asymmetric, turtleneck, square neck, as well as sleeved and sleeveless styles you may go for depending on what flatters your figure. If you are bottom heavy, skip the full-legged or harem pant style of jumpsuits or else, you’ll look huge. Short neck women will look great in plunging necklines like scoop and deep-V while long neck women must go for halter and turtleneck styles to give some balance and proportion to their look. Some jumpsuits are designed to look edgy in leather material and have a masculine fit resembling the borrowed from boys’ look while some are figure hugging accenting the womanly curves. So keep an eye on jumpsuits that suit your fashion style and personality.

  1. Revamp your jumpsuit style with fashionable accessories.

black jumpsuit with edgy boots and studded bag gold belt with black jumpsuit straw hat with satchel bag and floral jumpsuit straw hat with tropical print jumpsuit fascinator with structured bag and black jumpsuit military jumpsuit with vintage belt yin yang clutch with abstract print jumpsuit

Jumpsuits may seem less versatile as you can’t typically wear them with your other fashion ensembles, but can still revamp its look with fashionable accessories. Belts, structured bags, elegant jewelry, elegant clutches, fascinators, shoes and such can totally make them look different and unique, especially if they’re in the neutral shades of black, white, brown, gray, and navy. Also, cuffing your hem making them look cropped, as well as opting for ribbon style jumpsuits, will make them versatile enough. Also, tying a classic shirt on your waist add a fresh look to your seemingly dull jumpsuit like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan did.

  1. Select the color that looks great on your skin tone.

cobalt blue jumpsuit military green jumpsuit with chic heels nude jumpsuit with lace up shoes sexy red jumpsuit white jumpsuit with nude sandals

Whether you’re warm-toned or cool-toned, colors may affect your style making your outfit look flattering or unflattering for you. Some pale women look washed out in blacks and whites, so you may go for pastel pinks, blues, and browns that look great for you. You may also consider the color psychology fact to make you look more smart, approachable, and even playful on your style. Blue is often associated with calmness while red denotes passion and vengeance. Black is the color of elegance while white is the color of purity. Whichever color you go for, opt for ones that make you feel comfortable and expressive on your style.

  1. Go for the prints that convey your personality.

floral print jumpsuit navy floral print jumpsuit peacock print jumpsuit with red sandals snake print jumpsuit tropical print jumpsuit quirky print jumpsuit with red vintage belt

Prints can also express your personality like wearing floral print for a feminine vibe, animal print for a fierce look, tropical prints for a playful vibe, and even abstract prints for an arty personality. But, when picking the stylish prints and patterns, remember to scale the print to your body as the less background color showing, the smaller you’ll look. Also, go for the fabric that shows off your style whether you’re a fan of a casual, preppy, or glamorous look. Typically, denim screams casual while lace gives off some feminine touches. On the other hand, leather is often associated with an edgy style that you may go for when you wish to look effortless while looking tough on your street looks.

  1. Refresh your jumpsuits by wearing stylish outerwear.

blazer with white jumpsuit sailor jacket with navy jumpsuit quilted biker jacket with edgy jumpsuit jumpsuit with button down shirt and camel coat camel cape with cobalt blue jumpsuit brown jumpsuit with striped top

Capes, coats, jackets, blazers, vests and such instantly make your jumpsuit look fresh. So be creative picking ones that complement your jumpsuit color and style. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, you may think of layering your outfit unexpectedly by wearing a striped sweater beneath your jumpsuit, or even a button-down shirt and coat with it. This way, you’re making your jumpsuit more versatile than it really is.

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