5 Style Rules to Live By

Some say rules are meant to be broken. Though some fashion rules limit our style expression and some are smart guidelines to keep our looks appropriate, there are still practical rules that never go outdated. Whether you choose to free yourself from the rules of fashion, or simply find those trends unflattering for you, keep on reading for the 5 style rules to live by.

  1. Don’t follow fashion trends blindly.



Remember, trends keep changing as well as fashion. Though keeping up with trends are not a bad thing, you should never forget your own personality. Wearing the right clothes plays a huge role in how you feel, and the worst thing that you can do to yourself is to be uncomfortable in something that you are wearing. Like fashion blogger Noor de Groot, you may look trendy with a zebra print matching set, as long as it flatter your personality and moods. Since we’re living in the moment where personal style is art, take this opportunity to experiment, explore, and create your own unique look. Then, selectively adopt trends in a way that feels true to who you are.

  1. Don’t feel confined to having to dress your age.

hot-pink-jumpsuit printed-maxi-skirt-with-wedges pastel-yellow-lace-dress

Regardless of your age, you should prove that it should never be a limitation on your style. Go ahead and wear the costume jewelry or crazy retro prints if you want. Like fashion blogger Sydne Summer, you may go for girly, feminine, and playful colors of pastel yellow, hot pink, or even loud prints to channel some lively look on your street style.

  1. Don’t dress for your body type.

chunky-sweater-with-bohemian-skirt-and-edgy-boots striped-tee-with-denim-skirt

Though dressing your body type is a great way to look fabulous, that must not hinder you to wear the things you really love. Like fashion blogger Noor de Groot, be experimental on your looks wearing a free-flowing vest, high-waist skirt, striped tee, or even little black dress on your street looks.

  1. Maintain your wardrobe.

bohemian-vest-with-black-dress cold-shoulder-top-with-white-jeans music-festival-outfit-with-hat

As we’ve seen with this year’s ’70s and ’90s looks, clothes are constantly going out and coming back into style. With this knowledge, it’s important to ensure the longevity of our clothes. Take some of your clothes to the tailor to maximize their lifespan. Who knows, it might be trendy again, so you’ll look fashionable without going shopping. Cold-shoulder tops are ensembles from the past, but you can modernize them by wearing them with dressy pants or white denim over boyfriend jeans and wide-leg pants.

  1. Don’t be afraid to lead.

sweater-dress-with-lace-skirt-and-boots all-white-outfit-with-green-bag-and-yellow-sandals

Don’t be afraid to be the best-dressed girl in the room. You may feel that people are treating you differently, but the differences will be surprisingly positive. With these rules, you’ll be able to look fashion forward and chic effortlessly.

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