5 Style Mistakes Women Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Style is an expression of your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing. However, the trends sometimes make a fine line between trashy and stylish. Apart from the obvious fashion faux pas, you might want to avoid the common style mistakes women make with our guidelines.

  1. Wearing clothes that are way too big, baggy and oversized for their body shape.

knitted sweater with leather joggers

sexy brown dress with knotted belt

Most women think they can “hide” their lumps and bumps under loose clothes, but this only makes you look bigger. Instead of going for oversized clothes, go for a dress with a forgiving silhouette and a heavier fabric like knit to conceal your bulges without looking suffocated on your looks. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, think of wearing a belt to highlight your curves and go for dress styles with a sexy neckline to draw the attention away from your flaws. Even if you wish to wear baggy trousers with a loose to just to look trendy, the trick is to always cinch in the most narrow part of your body and not drown in excess fabric.

  1. Under accessorizing or not wearing any accessories at all.

chain necklace with asymmetric blouse and green miniskirt statement necklace with classic outfit

Most women are guilty of not wearing accessories as they find it too complicated or overdressed. To make everything balanced, simply add a couple of small touches like a statement necklace, scarf or colorful heels that will finish off your outfit. Like fashion blogger Kristina Bazan, wear a chain necklace and a slim belt with your asymmetric blouse and miniskirt to add some flair to your overall look.

  1. Flashing too much flesh is never sexy.

fur coat with tank top and cut off shorts sexy top with patent skirt

The golden rule is if you’re showing flesh up top cover up down bottom and vice versa. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, if you wish to flaunt your long lean legs with a pair of cut-off shorts, team it with a conservative top, or wear a tank with a fur coat to keep it balanced. If you wish to show some skin on your top part, wear a longer skirt that will keep everything sexy yet balanced.

  1. Wearing tracksuits everywhere.

joggers with chambray shirt sexy crop wop with jogger pants leather joggers with chiffon top

Tracksuits are comfy, but not all of them look chic and sleek. So, keep the velour tracksuit just for home, gym or popping up to the local shop for emergency milk, and resort to a sleeker version of tracksuits that you can wear to the casual office and weekend where you can still create a good impression.

  1. Wearing distressed denim with dowdy pieces.

ripped jeans with striped tee and blue blazer distressed jeans with orinted blouse and blazer distressed jeans with blazer and sweater

They may feel comfortable with a pair of distressed jeans, but wearing that old style with dowdy pieces is not flattering and makes you look sloppy. So, it’s better to look for a comfy pair of stretch denim jeans in a style that suits your body shape. If you wish to go for distressed denim, balance it with a chic blazer or coat so you’ll look more polished. With our style guidelines, you’ll be able to avoid those fashion mistakes and keep a great style with you all the time.

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