5 Street Style Inspired Ways to Wear Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a must-have staple whether you wish for a laid back style, casual chic look, or even a feminine vibe. Not-so feminine and chic, these denim shorts often take the feminine and sophisticated vibe away from you when styled with more casual pieces, but still, you can make them look chic. If you’re looking for fresh ways to wear your casual denim shorts, let’s take a look at these street style-inspired looks to wear them.

  1. Spice up your casual top and denim shorts combination with a chic outerwear.

blazer with tee and boyfriend denim shorts

kimono-blazer-with-high-waist-denim-shorts-and-crop-top white tee with floor length cardigan and denim shorts graphic top with denim shorts and cardigan graphic top with denim shorts and thong sandals

Graphic tops, nostalgic tees, and plain shirts may be your first comfortable options to wear with your denim shorts, but they don’t look dressy and feminine enough. To spice up your street style, think of a chic kimono, floor-length cardigan, structured blazer and such that can make your casual street style more feminine. Fashion blogger Kristina Bazan creatively revamped her typical casual outfit with a structured blazer and pair of classic white pumps and elegant clutch bag. If you’re not comfortable with outerwear, just opt for a sleek, preferably in neutral shades with or without metallic trims, graphic top.

  1. Opt for a printed top that gives a hint of your personality.

floral shirt with denim shorts and snakeprint pumps kiss print shirt with denim shorts loose-striped-top-with-denim-shorts striped off shoulder top with denim shorts striped shirt with denim shorts

Novelty prints like animal silhouettes, kiss prints, food prints, as well as classic patterns of stripes, floral, and polka dots can be great to dress up your typical street style. Kristina Bazan add some flirty touches to her casual denim shorts with a kiss-print shirt polished with floral earrings and classic pumps making her style more feminine and chic. To keep your style classic and refined, an off shoulder striped top, a striped button down shirt, and even draped top can be great to match with your denim shorts.

  1. Opt for unexpected street style combinations.

architectural tube top with denim shorts and gladiator sandals oxfords with blazer and denim shorts sequin top with denim shorts and translucent heels leather-crop-top-with-tuxedo-and-denim-shorts borrowed from boys outfit

An architectural tube top, tuxedo blazer with necktie, and sequin top are unexpected pieces to wear with your denim shorts. If you’re uncertain how to bring an unexpected look with your outfit, then bring on your edgy accessories like wearing your masculine oxfords with your chic blazer and denim shorts like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur did. Gladiator sandals, lace-up heels, translucent boots, fascinator, neckties and such are great key pieces to refresh your boring street style.

  1. Make your street style casual-chic with dressy tops.

chic blazer with distressed denim shorts chiffon button down shirt with denim shorts striped top with blazer and denim shorts

Your casual denim shorts, especially the distressed ones, are expected to wear with your casual tops. However, your crisp, sleek, and polished tops can make your overall outfit casual-chic and feminine. For a great contrast, opt for the most distressed style of your denim shorts, preferably with rips, tears, patches, and fade-out colors, and pair it with your most sophisticated ensemble like a blazer or chiffon blouse. Fashion blogger Jessica ricks creatively made her outfit casual-chic by opting for a white chiffon blouse paired with her casual denim shorts. She simply let her blouse untucked and finished her outfit with an elegant handbag, chic sunglasses, and edgy boots that made the difference.

  1. Trade your blue denim shorts with colored or white version for a sleeker style.

acid-washed colored shorts with white top colored denim shorts with chic top and doctors bag neon denim shorts with blazer white denim shorts with loose top

White and black shades of denim definitely look dressier over your blue ones, and neon or colored version of denim shorts look more modern and trendy. Like fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur, add some pop of color to your outfit by wearing a pair of neon yellow denim shorts paired with a tank top and tuxedo blazer. A metallic silver bag will add some glam to your outfit without contradicting to the statement of your flashy shorts. Indeed, your street style looks are more fun with casual, comfy, and laid back denim shorts.

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